Review│Body yogurt 100% vegan from the Bodyshop

Recently, I posted an interview I had done with Sofie Senden, who is vegan.  The reason why, is because the thing she does for animals is incredible. You see, I’m a big animal lover myself and that’s why I love this new product from the Bodyshop so much.  It’s a body yogurt, that is vegan and not tested on animals. I never used a body yogurt before and I don’t really now what’s the difference with a body butter or body cream.


Of course, I was very curious about this product and obviously, I support brands and products that are not tested on animals. That’s why I bought three different ones. I think there were like maybe 5 or 6 different kinds. They all cost € 10, which you could say cost a lot for such a small jar, but after all, it’s a well known brand of high quality with many good products. And again, €10 is affordable and I’m willing to pay more for products like this.  These are the three I have chosen.

1.  Moringa body yogurt


I never heard of moringa before but apparently, it’s from a tree that grows somewhere in Azia and Africa. You can also make tea with the leaves. It has been said that moringa also has a high nutritional value and medicinal properties.
The smell is so amazing! Trying to describe it is very difficult, but if you would walk through a field full of flowers, it would smell like that.

2. Mango body yogurt


Those who have tried mango, know that mango is delicious and very healthy, so it’s no wonder this product would be very good to. Again the smell is marvelous.


3. British rose yogurt


This really just smells like rosewater and it feels like I’m back in Londen and standing between the flowers in the many gardens.

The subtance is very light and not sticky at all. It absorbs very quickly and the scent stays a while. My skin feels so soft and I can’t believe how amazing my legs are smelling. This is kinda weird to say it like that, but you have to buy this products so you would understand what I’m talking about. I just love it! The smell stays for a few hours, which is amazing! At least, that’s what happend with me.
My favorite was the moringa body yogurt! I hope they keep making amazing products like this!

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  1. Héérlijk zeg lijken mij deze. Super blog..p s waarom blog je in engels hihi gelukkig kan ik engels.
    Fijne avond hè 😍😘🍷


      1. Owh zo ja wie weet meer volgers das waar zie dat er bij mij soms ook mensen uit andere landen kijken…bij statistieken maar goed heb nederlands dus snappen ze weinig van dan is idd engels ook handig…maar zie bij mij heel weinig zo nu en dan 1 haha


      2. Kijk maar eens bij je statistieken kan je zien helemaal onderaan welke landen en hoeveel %echt geinig 😄

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