This will be my last post about my travel in Portugal. This time, I will talk about Lisbon. On the last two days, we tried to do all the big and interesting buildings. We did many different churches and of course, the Sé of Lisbon. Although, I like going to churches, many of them wern’tMeer lezen over “Travel│Lisbon”


Our last stay was in Lisbon, which we visited two days. But first, I wanna tell you about Sintra. This city/town has a couple of castles which are really worth the visit and so beautiful. We visited three of them, I don’t really know how much there are, but we visited the most popular ones,Meer lezen over “Travel│Sintra”

Travel│Aveiro, Tomar and Batalha

The second hotel we booked, was in Aveiro. From here, we would visit Aveiro itself, Tomar and Batalha. We only stayed here one night. Aveiro is called the Venice of Portugal. This little town has a large channel, which you can make boattrips on, in boats that look a little like the boats in Venice.Meer lezen over “Travel│Aveiro, Tomar and Batalha”

Travel│Braga and Guimarães

The second day of our trip, we decided to visit Braga and Guimarães, which are two little towns/cities that lay close to each other and are a little one hour drive away from Porto. First, we went to Guimarães. Here, you can take a cable car to Monte da Penha, which they say has an amazingMeer lezen over “Travel│Braga and Guimarães”


Heii everyone, I’m finally back from my trip to Portugal! It was an amazing journey and I want to share it with you! I’m gonna talk about the things you must see/visit when you’re in portugal. I’m sorry it took so long before posting another blogpost! Me and my boyfriend started in Porto and fromMeer lezen over “Travel│Porto”