Review│L’Occitane Verveine

I know it’s already fall, which means winter is almost near. Still, I have these three little products from the brand L’Occitane that I still want to share with you all. The three products I got are a shower gel, a body lotion and a cooling hand cream.All the products are with organic verbena extractMeer lezen over “Review│L’Occitane Verveine”

Test│Blackhead cleaner

Recently I’ve been really interested in beauty rituals and al sorts of machines/devices who supposedly should make you skin look beter or should make you loose weight or …That’s how I found the blackhead cleaner. Since I clicked on one advertisement of this, I got so many different ones and that’s why I decided toMeer lezen over “Test│Blackhead cleaner”

Beauty│Jade roller

Heii guys! It has been a while since I posted something, but I just couldn’t find the time anymore. I’m still interested in new things and testing them out, but I just got so busy to write about something. Besides that, I also don’t want to write random stuff just to write something. Anyway, IMeer lezen over “Beauty│Jade roller”

Review│Animal sheet masks

This is probably something you don’t know about me, but one day I would like to visit Korea. Actually, I would like to visit China, Japan, Tokio,… to. Not only for the architecture and the culture but alsof or their weird food and beauty products. Online, you can find tons of products know as ‘koreanMeer lezen over “Review│Animal sheet masks”


For those who are with me from te beginning, maybe remember the word ‘Originals’. That’s because I’ve already written a blogpost about these product or this brand, but this are some different onces. If you have read this blogpost, than you know I am a big fan of Originals. So onces I spotted these newMeer lezen over “Review│Originals”

Review│Body yogurt 100% vegan from the Bodyshop

Recently, I posted an interview I had done with Sofie Senden, who is vegan.  The reason why, is because the thing she does for animals is incredible. You see, I’m a big animal lover myself and that’s why I love this new product from the Bodyshop so much.  It’s a body yogurt, that is veganMeer lezen over “Review│Body yogurt 100% vegan from the Bodyshop”

Test │Eyebrow make-up

When I leave the house, and I don’t mean when I walking the dog, I always make sure my eyebrows looks on point . I mean, I do wear make-up, but if I had to choose, I would just do my eyebrows and maybe put on some mascara. In my opinion, if you take careMeer lezen over “Test │Eyebrow make-up”

Review│Charcoal products Action

Products with charcoal were really ‘in’ for some moment (or are they still?) and I think it is a product that sells very well. I started with the well known toothpaste with charcoal, which showed us promising results for whiter teeth. Not long after, facemasks and other care products with charcoal followed. I never reallyMeer lezen over “Review│Charcoal products Action”