Review│B.A.E by Hema

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It has been a while now since Hema has released their own beauty line ‘B.A.E’. I wanted to test these products for so long, but I just didn’t found the time, until now.
Their range has everything you could think of and even their packaging is kinda cute.
Other than that, it doesn’t cost much either. You already now I love to try out new things, so I was really curious to test these products.
I’ve bought a foundation, a lipstick and a lip strobe and eyeshadow in a stick.
The foundation and the two lipsticks costs € 6 each and the eyeshadow on a stick costs
€ 4.50.
The foundation I’ve choose is called ‘shake it up’ with skin tint 05 toffee. There were a few colors to choose from, but this one fits me perfect. When I applied it, it really covers the spots and places I wanted to be covered. You can only see I wear foundation because I didn’t apply some on my nekline. Other than that, I think this is a really good foundation. Oh, and the bottle is so cute.
I was really drawn to the eyeshadow on a stick or 8h on a stick as it is called. It says it lasts for 8 hours, hence the name. The eyeshadow doesn’t really have a name, but I liked this one the best. It’s a pity there wern’t many colors. This one has a light orange/chrome color. When I applied it, it felt so sticky. It stays on pretty long and it’s pigmented to. It has little glitters in it. I have to say that I did notice, after some while and after some blinking with my eyes, I have a nude spot in the middle of my eye and it looked like I didn’t put any make-up on, on that spot. Another thing is that I thought is was some kind of pencil, which you could turn to make it longer, but it doesn’t, so it’s rather small and little. After a few uses, the pencil is almost gone.
The dry matte liquid lipstick is my favorite of the three products. It’s kinda holograpic and also says it lasts for 8 hours. This one definitely stays on really long. Even after I ate and drank, you still saw the pretty color with pink, blue and purple glitters.
The lip strobe is kinda the same, but you just put this on above another lipstick, so I didn’t really used this one right now.
Anyway, the products are really pretty when applied and don’t cost much. They also have palettes, mascara’s and much more which I didn’t test. I definitely gonna buy some more lipsticks and the foundation, and maybe test some other eyeshadows.
I think this is a pretty good beauty line, which I’m fan of!

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Review│Animal sheet masks

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This is probably something you don’t know about me, but one day I would like to visit Korea. Actually, I would like to visit China, Japan, Tokio,… to. Not only for the architecture and the culture but alsof or their weird food and beauty products. Online, you can find tons of products know as ‘korean beauty products’. Not only the packaging is sometimes really weird, but also cute or cool, but the flavours  or how to use the productare not what we are used to.
That’s why, should I have the oppertunity, I would like to test some weird beautyproducts.
The next products I tested are not really weird, but rather cute. These are animal sheet mask, which I bought in a store here in Belgium, but on the packaging, it says ‘Korean beauty’.
These are not really that weird or special, but I kinda liked them and I never used or tested a sheet mask before. You had different animals to choose from and I choose Tiger, bear, cat and panda.
All of them have a different scent and different effect.

The tiger sheet mask is anti-oxidant with green tea extract and vitamin E and says to help protect, repair and moisturise the skin. 

The bear mask is cydra calm with green tea and apricot fruit extract. This one moisturises and softens the skin.

Next one is the panda mask and is called balence. It has niacinamide and cucumber extract in i tand calms and improves the skin appearance.

Last one is the cat mask for moisture with green tea and liquorice extract. It balances, moisturises and soothes the skin.

After removing the mask from it’s packaging, you carefully unfold the sheet and put it on your dry face. Better not to have any make-up on as well. The sheet mask is really wet and moist. It’s almost as if someone has rubbed it in with a creme.
It says especially to not make contact with your eyes and lips, but I guess this is standard.
The sheet mask looks really funny on, but it’s a pleasant feeling, although it feels very cold to my skin. YOu have to leave it on for 10 mpinutes. I have to say , the mask is rather big, but the openings fort he eyes and mouth are kinda small, so I have to try my best to not let the sheet make contact with my eyes. Because it’s so big, I can press it firmly on my face. It’s not sticky, but it stays well in place. It does not slide of my face.
After ten minutes, you can remove the mask and rub the leftovers into your skin. There’s no need to wash your face.

I have tested each mask on a different week in the weekend and honestly I have to say, since I started testing these, my skin feels so soft. It has been weeks since my skin suffered from dryness and now, it’s all gone! I don’t know if it’s really the sheet masks, but other than that, my skin feels refreshed and shines much more.
I really love these sheet mask and I will definitely try more of them!

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For those who are with me from te beginning, maybe remember the word ‘Originals’. That’s because I’ve already written a blogpost about these product or this brand, but this are some different onces. If you have read this blogpost, than you know I am a big fan of Originals. So onces I spotted these new onces, I was really excited to try them out. There were massage oils, scrubs, day- and nightcremes, cleansing lotion, skin oil and eye cremes. I mean, how many things to choose from, all with a different smell and ingrediënts. I have chosen three different products to test and try.


1. Cucumber milk


This cucumber milk is some kind of cleansing lotion and is said to be refreshing. The bottle is made of glass and has a little pump, which I like. I actually don’t like cucumber, but this product is obviously not edible, so I was interested to try this. It smells really and it actually reminds me off fresh washed vegetables. The product just looks like any other cream. It’s not sticky at all. After applying it to my face, I feel really refreshed! I just don’t know how to say it differently. It absorbs very quickly and gives my face a little shine. I can smell the product on my face and feel very clean. I think this is a very good product to use in the morning, but even in the evening, after you removed your make-up.



2. Scrubcreme


If there is any fruit I really like (to eat), than it’s apricot, so I was eager to try this scrub. It’s a scrub for you face, which is always a little tricky. The grains must be not to big, so you wouldn’t end up with an irritated, red face, but also, not to small, so the scrub can do what it has to do. I love the smell, but I would say it smells like apricot. To be honest, I don’t really know how apricots smell. When I put my finger in the substance, I was really surprised. You don’t feel any grains at all! It was so weird, but when I applied it (on a slightly, moist face), I started to feel the grains. They are really small, but they are there. The substance feels really smooth and pleasant. After scrubbing it lightly on my face for a few minutes, I was happy to see that, when I washed it off, my face wasn’t red. Well, it was a little bit, but I kinda had a pink blush, rather than tomato cheeks. And my face felt so soft! In combination with the cucumber milk, I recon you to have the most soft skin ever.



3. Skin oil


I got two different skin oils, since my skin/face tends to be a bit dry during these winter months. Normally, I don’t have any problems with dry skin, but there’s a first for everything. One is with almands and is said to be soothing, the other is with argan and is nourishing. I already got the one with almonds and I use it daily. For some kind of reason, my chin is so dry and read al the time, which I never had before. That’s why I was searching for an oil with some natural ingredients in it. So I can already tell you I really love these oils and they really help! They both have a different smell, which is slightly present. Like any other oil, they are greasy, so watch out for your clothes. These plastic bottles look small, but I used the one with almond for a month now and you can’t even see diminish.  The two oils have the same outcome, so I can’t really tell which I like more.




Just as the other Orignials products I’ve already tested, these also have such good quality and they do the job! I love the smells and I kinda like the packaging to. The price for these different producs are the same, which is € 1.99. Amazing, right?
This is definitely a brand I will keep using!


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Review │Nivea 1 minute detox masks

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1 (7).jpg

I bought these product a few weeks ago, but I just didn’t had the time to test them (shame on me). No idea why it took me so long, but these products are amazing! I’m talking about the Nivea 1 minute urban detox masks. This line has 3 different products with three different smells and actions/effects. I bought all three of them, even if I don’t really know if you’re supposed to use them together but I did anyway. The price for each of them was around € 7 and I got a box with two other Nivea products for free.


1. 1 minute urban detox mask – refines the pores


The first one I used is the one that purifies your skin. It has a self-warming formula and is with magnolia extract. For those who don’t now what a self-warming product does, can read my review about the Hema face masks, but ofcourse I can tell you right now. You have to wash your skin before applying the product. Your face has to be a bit wet, so don’t dry it off. After apply the product to your face, you should feel your skin warming up. It’s kinda weird but nice to. Unfortunately, I have to say, I didn’t feel much of it (in comparison with the Hema face mask I tested). Anyway, the texture is really sticky and see-through. You have to leave it on for 1 minute (obviously). When you wash the product off, it starts to foam, which is kinda funny and weird. My skin still feels a bit sticky, but it does kinda glow a bit.

DSC03602 (3).jpg


2. 1 minute urban detox mask – purifie


This one should remove dead skin cells and and ensures a smooth and beautiful skin. For this one, you just have to have a clean skin before applying. It’s with white clay and again, magnolia extract. The product is kinde green-ish and has little grains in it, so you can gently scrub your face with it. Leave on for 1 minute. I don’t know if it’s me and this is not the first time this happend, but after a few seconds, my skin starts to burn a little. It’s not that bad, but it’s not really pleasant. Maybe I have a sensitive skin, I don’t know. I had this one time before with another product, so I guess it’s me and not the product. After washing this off, you get another scrub. Because the grains are so little, my skin isn’t red at all. It feels really soft afterwards.

DSC03615 (2).jpg


3.1 minute urban detox mask – hydrate


This mask is with green tea and hyaluronic acid. It says it’s a detox for your skin and gives you an intensive hydration for a glowing skin. The product has a light blue color, that dissapears when you apply it to your face. It’s kinda like any cream you use for hydrating your face, but this one shines a bit. After leaving it on your face for 1 minute, you can massage it into your face like you would when you use a hand cream, for example.
I like this one, because my face is sooo smooth, soft and glowy, or maybe it’s because I used all three products.

DSC03629 (2)



Anyway, I kinda like these three products. They go well together, which is the point, I suppose. The price isn’t that bad and they just work for me. Ofcourse, Nivea is a well-know brand of high quality, so I expected nothing less. Even if the mask that refines the pores (with the grains) burns a little, I still like them.
I think these are really good products that are worth the try.

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Review │I♡MAKEUP

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I know I’ve recently talked about make-up, but I had to share this with you. It has been a while since I’ve spotted/know this brand, but I never used it before or bought it, although the packaging is really nice. The brand is called I♡MAKEUP and it’s amazing! It is a really affordable brand and it’s of high quality! I have to say, they sell tons of different make-up, but I only tested two of their make-up palettes, which are gorgeous by the way!
The packaging of their palettes look like a chocolate bar, which they have in two different sizes. The ones I bought are called Deathy By Chocolate and Gold Bar. I just liked these the most, but the other onces where gorgeous to. On the backside of the palettes, you can clearly see which colors are inside (that’s why I choose these two).
The big ones only costs €9.99 (although in the shop where I bought them) and they have 16 different colors, all with a name.

I hope you already now by now, that in my opinion, brands or products with a low price don’t always have to be bad or low quality. Believe me when I say, this one is sooooo good and soooo pigmented. The colors are truly amazing!
I tried a few colors and took pictures, but I have to say, I’m so bad in putting on make-up, although I never got bad comments (at least not in my face ;p) and my mother thinks I look pretty, haha. So, the colors arn’t that bright on the pictures as they are in real life, but you just have to trust me on this one.
Like I said, I’m not a pro at make-up and the pictures arn’t that great as well, but still, the colors still look good. Also, I took the pictures on different days and different times, so the light is different and also my skin, so the colors will be to.

1. Death By Chocolate


This palette mostly has darker colors in it, which I kinda like. There are a few nudes, but not that much. Most of them are neutral, some of them have glitters in it.
The colors I used for this look are White Light, which is a very light beige, Fool’s gold, a really glittery gold and All is lost, a black color.
I like to use a light base, that’s why I used White Light. Than I used Fool’s gold in the middle of my eye and the darker color in the corner of my eye. I do this almost every time I do my make-up, because I kinda gives me a more mysterious look. I don’t know how to call it, but it just fits me and it brings out my eyes (which you obviously can’t see that good in this picture).


2. Golden Bar


This is a bit of a darker look and I’m the type that mostly uses dark colors mixed with nudes. I have to say, maybe this one is a bit to dark and a bit messy, but I kinda like it.
Although you don’t really see it that clear on the picture, most of the colors in this palette have glitters in it. I used Chocolatier, which was such a beautiful color, I even didn’t want to put any other colors on, Cocoa, which is a red/brown kinda color and Wrapped, which is dark brown.
Again, I used a light base, than glitters in the middle of my eye of and a darker color in the corner of my eyes.


I just wanna say that I love this brand already soooo much and I immediatly want to try all the other palettes, because there are so many and they are so beautiful. Like you saw, I bought the brown and golden version, but you have two pink versions, a black, an orange, a green, silver,…There are just palettes for every type!
Can’t wait to test the other ones!

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New posts coming soon

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Heii guys, how you been? I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m sorry but life happend. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and I got a new job! You understand I didn’t had much time to do other things rather than thinking where I should put all my shoes and what I would eat for lunch at work.
Anyway, I’m still busy with my blog to and I would still like to post, since I love bloggin.

So, don’t worry, I’m busy with different things, which I hope to post soon. I hope you  still like what I’m doing and hope you could be patient with me (:

See you soon (;

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Review │Body butters from Kruidvat

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I think it’s clear already that I like testing care products, so I got another one for you. These products are body butters and I really love them! There nothing really special, but definitely worth the buy. You can buy them at the Kruidvat and they havn’t got a brand, there just from Kruidvat itself. I have to say, it wouldn’t be the first time I buy a product of a unknow brand or without brand, but those are often one of the best products.


The packaging is really simple. I bought three different versions, which are the blueberry lychee, the olive macadamia and the coconut sheabutter. There where two more, I think, but those three had the best smell, in my opinion. The smell is so good and so strong. The blueberry lychee almost smells like food. Next to that, I was very pleased with how they worked and felt. The body butters have a thick substance, if that makes sense, so you don’t need much to hydrate your body and let me say, they hydrate really well. Again, afterswards, you have that amazing smell.  It kinda takes the same time as other body butters to ‘soak in’.
Another plus is that they only cost € 2.79. Maybe if I ever finish these, I would like to try the others as well.


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Review │Cushion products from Hema

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Recently, I walked into the Hema and noticed something new, which were the cushion lipstick and cushion eyeshadow. I don’t think this is really a new thing, since I know other well know brands (for example NYX) have similar products. Anyway, it’s something completely new for the Hema store, because normally they only sell the regular stuff and their make-up is not really a well-know (make-up) brand.
You also had a cushion foundation and cushion eyebrow something, but I wasn’t really interessted in that. Like I said, I chose the cushion lipstick and eyeshadow.


The packaging is not really beautiful or anything, it’s just black and simple. It’s small enough to put in your make-up bag or handbag, if you want to. On the top of the lid you could see wich color it it. The lipstick I chose kinda looks like a dark pink, with a purple-ish kinda color in it, but when you apply it, it’s more like a light pink with glitters in it. So it’s usefull to try the testers first.
There wern’t that many colors and also not really the normal kind of colors for lipstick and eyeshadow.
Once I removed the screw cap, there was this weird smell, which I didn’t really like. My mother didn’t smell anything, so maybe it’s just me.
To use it, you just have to put the cushion on to your eyelid and rub a little bit. You don’t have to push anything to make the ‘liquid’ come out of it. As soon as you start rubbing on your eyes (and with rubbing I just mean gently swipe back and forth) you immediately see the pretty color with the little glitters. You don’t have to rub that much to see results.


I kinda have bad eyes to show you, because they are kinda hooded (which I don’t like, but hey, gotta accept it) so I had to apply a bit more than another person would probably do, that’s why it’s little messy, but I wanted to show you how it looked so you could really see it. I kinda like it. It’s really easy and even my mother thought it was handy.
Even with my hooded eyes,  I get the feeling you can see I have something on. It’s a really pretty neu,tral color. It’s almost impossible to spill, unless someone gives you a push or you’re just clumsy.


Like the eyeshadow, there arn’t many colors to. This one looks kinda coral-ish and a bit nude-like when you see the packaging, but it’s kinda hard to describe which color it is, when you put it on, but I really like it. It has a gold shine to it.
It’s really weird to put it on, because it’s so dry. You know when you kinda smack your lips or you roll them over each other to get more lipstick on both of your lips, well it’s not working here, or at least not that good. You have to put the cushion lipstick on both of your lips seperatly. It doesn’t stick and doesn’t has a flavour. It isn’t really smooth either, but I kinda like it. it feels like I have nothing on my lips, while you clearly can see I have.


What I don’t like about these products, were the smell. I just don’t know if it’s me or not! Luckily, when I apply it, I don’t really notice anything anymore and it doesn’t bother me anymore. Also, it’s a shame there arn’t many colors.
The eyeshadow stays relatively long on my lips, as long as I don’t drink or eat. After that, the color is almost completely gone, so you have to re-apply, which is not really a good thing.

On the other hand, I really liked the colors and how it looked and worked. It’s so handy and simple. They  both cost € 7, which isn’t much, but I would liked the product to last longer.
Let me know if you have it a try and if it’s only me how smells something!


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Review│Body yogurt 100% vegan from the Bodyshop

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Recently, I posted an interview I had done with Sofie Senden, who is vegan.  The reason why, is because the thing she does for animals is incredible. You see, I’m a big animal lover myself and that’s why I love this new product from the Bodyshop so much.  It’s a body yogurt, that is vegan and not tested on animals. I never used a body yogurt before and I don’t really now what’s the difference with a body butter or body cream.


Of course, I was very curious about this product and obviously, I support brands and products that are not tested on animals. That’s why I bought three different ones. I think there were like maybe 5 or 6 different kinds. They all cost € 10, which you could say cost a lot for such a small jar, but after all, it’s a well known brand of high quality with many good products. And again, €10 is affordable and I’m willing to pay more for products like this.  These are the three I have chosen.

1.  Moringa body yogurt


I never heard of moringa before but apparently, it’s from a tree that grows somewhere in Azia and Africa. You can also make tea with the leaves. It has been said that moringa also has a high nutritional value and medicinal properties.
The smell is so amazing! Trying to describe it is very difficult, but if you would walk through a field full of flowers, it would smell like that.

2. Mango body yogurt


Those who have tried mango, know that mango is delicious and very healthy, so it’s no wonder this product would be very good to. Again the smell is marvelous.


3. British rose yogurt


This really just smells like rosewater and it feels like I’m back in Londen and standing between the flowers in the many gardens.

The subtance is very light and not sticky at all. It absorbs very quickly and the scent stays a while. My skin feels so soft and I can’t believe how amazing my legs are smelling. This is kinda weird to say it like that, but you have to buy this products so you would understand what I’m talking about. I just love it! The smell stays for a few hours, which is amazing! At least, that’s what happend with me.
My favorite was the moringa body yogurt! I hope they keep making amazing products like this!

Aurely ❥

Review │Face masks from Hema

Beauty, skincare


I really like to go explore in shops, see what’s new. I don’t know if you have this shop in other countries but the Hema is a shop were you can buy many things like make-up, jewellery, cooking utensils, clothes,… They also have a big range of different care products like srubs, shaving foams, face masks, soap, hand creams and much more.
This time, I’ve noticed a new action that’s going on. You could buy two face masks and get one for free. Of course, I love to test things out and I’m always curious whether these face masks really work. So I chose three different ones and tested them out. They all costed € 2 which , again, is very cheap.


1. Syrup waffle self-heating face mask


I’ve never ever tried a self-heating face mask and actually, I didn’t even knew this existed. First, you have to wash your face with lukewarm water and you cannot dry it off. Next step is to apply it evenly to your face. Immediatly, my faces begins to glow and the mask feels so warm on my face. It is a weird but kinda pleasent feeling. The mask is so sticky, but it smells soooo good. I don’t know if you all know what a syrup waffle is, but here is called ‘stroopwafel’ and it’s a very delicious cookie.  Of course, the smell is exactly like a syrup waffle, but I have to tell you, it tastes really bad, but I guess that was to be expected. It wasn’t my plan to taste it, but there were some drops that fell on my lips and so I got a few in my mouth. Disgusting! Also, make sure you don’t spill this on your clothes, cause I reckon it will make stains.
You have to leave it on for like 10 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse again with lukewarm water. Because you have to rinse it, the mask is starting to heat up again, so apparently, it’s the water that triggers the heat.
At first, my skin feels a bit sticky and it still glows a bit, I guess from the heath. It’s after a while that my skin start to feel a lot fresher and smoother. My cheeks  look a little bit red, but my skin isn’t irritated.
I really liked testing this one out! I love the smell so much and I like that it’s self-heating.



2. Avocado mud face mask


I loooove everything about avocado, so I was really curious about this face mask. Again, you have to rinse your face with lukewarm water, before applying the mask. It has a mint green colour and there are little grains in the mask, but I don’t know what they are. It is a really thick substance, but it isn’t sticky, which makes it easier to apply.
Leave on for 10 tot 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Because of the little grains, your face gets a little scrub, but it doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s kinda hard to get the mask of, I have to rinse my face multiply times.
Also with this mask, my face feels kinda greasy at first, but then it feels fresher. I kinda think my skin glows a bit.



3. Charcoal peel-off mask


Apparently, this is a peel-off mask, which I didn’t see a first, but it doesn’t matter. In the past, I’ve already tried a charcoal peel-off mask and it wasn’t a succes. It’s not that I’m afraid it will hurt again, cause I’m always really curious if the next one will be better. Here, you just have to clean your face and pat it dry. Than apply the sticky substance to your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn’t take long for me to feel a tingling feeling on my face and it already starts to pull.
After 20 minutes, it was time for the moment of truth. And you know what? It went of soooo easily! On some places, I think I put to much on, causing the layers to be too thick. So on some places in my face, the layer wasn’t really fully dried, so I advice to put a thin layer or leave it on for 30 minutes, maybe longer. The rest didn’t came of that easily by rinsing it with water.
My skin feels so fresh and super smooth from the beginning! My face isn’t red or irritated and doesn’t hurt at all.




I think I like the charcoal peel-off mask the best, because I had immediate results! My skin felt fresh the whole day and felt so soft and smooth. It was kinda sticky, which I don’t really like, but it went of so easily and the results are so good, that I’m not that bothered with it.
Second, I like the advocado face mask. I liked that there were little grains in it, so your face gets a little scrub to. The color was also really pretty and I liked the substance.
It was nice to try a self-heating mask and the smell was absolutely amazing. The warm feeling I got, was interesting and I kinda liked it.

Aurely ❥