Review│Herbruikbare wattenschijfjes

De laatste keer schreef ik een blogpost over milieuvriendelijke tandenborstels. Deze keer ga ik herbruikbare wattenschijfjes uitproberen. Ja, opnieuw wil ik helpen de wereld te redden en dit is waarom jij het ook zou moeten overwegen deze uit te proberen of te kopen.Net als de tandenborstels, zijn deze ook milieuvriendelijk. Op het internet vindt jeMeer lezen over “Review│Herbruikbare wattenschijfjes”

Review│Bamboe/houten tandenborstel

Doordat Corona nog steeds actief (aanwezig) is en de meeste van ons nog altijd thuis zitten, heb ik besloten mijn tijd nuttig te besteden. Niet alleen sport ik 5 tot 6 keer per week en hou ik mij bezig met gezond eten, maar ik ben ook wat informatie beginnen opzoeken rond duurzame kledij en herbruikbareMeer lezen over “Review│Bamboe/houten tandenborstel”

Review│L’Occitane Verveine

I know it’s already fall, which means winter is almost near. Still, I have these three little products from the brand L’Occitane that I still want to share with you all. The three products I got are a shower gel, a body lotion and a cooling hand cream.All the products are with organic verbena extractMeer lezen over “Review│L’Occitane Verveine”

Review│Garnier Bio – Oils

Did you know that Garnier Bio has a range with organic certified skincare? This range has skincare with plants for each skin type. Other than that, these products are vegan and the ingredients come from renewable resources.  They also use as much recycled and recycable materials. For me, these are huge characteristics to help meMeer lezen over “Review│Garnier Bio – Oils”

Test│Lash Booster – Kruidvat

There are a few things I would like to have like whiter teeth and a slim body but that doesn’t always come easy. Luckily, there are enough products and devices to help you start.Another thing I would like to have, is longer and fuller eyelashes, but I don’t like to wear fake ones.That’s why IMeer lezen over “Test│Lash Booster – Kruidvat”

Review│Dove – Derma Spa Beauty sleep

Since I became ‘older’, there is one thing I loved more and more and that is sleeping.There is no doubt that sleep is important for our health but also for our skin. That’s why I make sure I have enough sleep, even if that means I have to go to bed a bit earlier thanMeer lezen over “Review│Dove – Derma Spa Beauty sleep”

Review│Caudalie Thé des vignes

I’m the kinda girl who loves make-up, but doesn’t know how to use it. I’m the kinda girl who has many beauty products, but doesn’t use them. And I’m the girl who loves perfum, but never really buys one. Why? I have no idea. In the past, I have bought cheap products that were calledMeer lezen over “Review│Caudalie Thé des vignes”

Review│The Body Shop Ginger collection

A few months ago, I won this huuuge giveaway with tons of products. There where make-up products in it, like lipstick and eyeshadows, but also care products, like cremes body butters.In this packaging was also the ginger collection of the body shop, which contains a body scrub, a body butter, a body yogurt and aMeer lezen over “Review│The Body Shop Ginger collection”

Review│B.A.E by Hema

It has been a while now since Hema has released their own beauty line ‘B.A.E’. I wanted to test these products for so long, but I just didn’t found the time, until now. Their range has everything you could think of and even their packaging is kinda cute.Other than that, it doesn’t cost much either.Meer lezen over “Review│B.A.E by Hema”

Review│Animal sheet masks

This is probably something you don’t know about me, but one day I would like to visit Korea. Actually, I would like to visit China, Japan, Tokio,… to. Not only for the architecture and the culture but alsof or their weird food and beauty products. Online, you can find tons of products know as ‘koreanMeer lezen over “Review│Animal sheet masks”