Test│Blackhead cleaner

Recently I’ve been really interested in beauty rituals and al sorts of machines/devices who supposedly should make you skin look beter or should make you loose weight or …
That’s how I found the blackhead cleaner. Since I clicked on one advertisement of this, I got so many different ones and that’s why I decided to buy one and try it out.
The one I bought is from a random site, because there are so many where you can find this device. It costed me 30 euro’s, which is pretty nice.  I compared many sites to find the best price and it was important that the site was legit. I’m not gonna give you the link to the site where I bought mine because honestly, they wern’t really professional. At first I got a red one, which took 3 weeks to get here and I really hated that color and I specifically orderd a white one.  Other  than that, they didn’t want to pay the return cost while it obviously was there fault. Eventally I got one and it works, but still, never gonna buy something from that site again.

The blackhead cleaner is white with rose golden details, but there are a few colors to choose from. Mine had different headpieces included, but I think this is standard.
Since this is the first time I bought this and used this, I can’t really tell you how it works exactly, other than how I use it or think it should be used, but you can find many video’s on the internet on how to use it.

I tested the different headpieces, but I’m not quite sure yet which one is used for what.
To start, I used the headpiece that was already on the device. As I press the button, a blue light starts to shine. You can press two times more, so it turns green and red. I used the device when it has a green light, cause I felt that the device had more power.
I don’t know how to explain this is in the best words, but what the device does is, when you put it on your nose, it sucks the blackheads out. Sorry, just don’t know how to explain this better.
I have to say, it’s really strong, so I had to pull quite a bit on it. At first, it doesn’t really feel nice, but you’ll get used to it and more important, it works!
I noticed dirt from my nose on the device, so if you’re quite sensitive, don’t watch (but actually it’s not that bad).

After I finshed, I could tell my nose looked better and it felt very soft, but I think, to have real good results, I will have to use this device some more.
Yet, I have to say that I’m verry enthusiastic about this device. It’s user-friendly and easy to clean.
I will definitely use this more and I think the results will be great!

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