Review│The Body Shop Ginger collection

A few months ago, I won this huuuge giveaway with tons of products. There where make-up products in it, like lipstick and eyeshadows, but also care products, like cremes and body butters.
In this packaging was also the ginger collection of the body shop, which contains a body scrub, a body butter, a body yogurt and a shower gel. I really love the products of the body shops, especially the body yogurts,  which I have already tested a few from and I also wrote a blogpost about.

Normally, I would never buy this collection, because I don’t like the smell of ginger, but that’s personal and other than that, the products are great.
I have to say, I smell the ginger, but I also smell a scent of orange. I don’t think there’s any orange in it though.
These products are also vegan, which is always a plus. Since I already knew some of these products, it isn’t hard to tell they are very good.
Even though I don’t like ginger, I tested them anyway, because it’s always nice to get to know some new products with different outcomes and different smells. I used all the products on a different day, since I didn’t want to smell like ginger all day long.

1. Exfoliating gel body scrub
I didn’t even use the product and already my whole bathroom smelled of ginger. The product has a jelly like texture and is really wobbly. Applying the product, the grains are really fine and small, which I usually like more to use on my legs. They don’t hurt, but are effective. This is a good product for people with sensitive legs. They do feel softer and also my legs smell of ginger now.

2. Softening body butter
I never used a body butter before, although not from the body shop, because I usually use the body yoghurts, but this product is also really great. It really looks like a creamy butter and it feels nice on my legs, especially after using a scrub.  It feels really cooling and makes my legs even softer and hydrated. For people who didn’t know the difference between a body butter and a body yogurt, is that a body butter is a bit greasier and is good for people with dry skin.             

3. Body yogurt
Body yogurt on the other hand is better for people with sensitive skin because it has less oils in it than a body butter. This one is really light, and again, like all the other products, leaves a really strong ginger smell. The body yogurt also absorbs much faster and sticks a little les. Nevertheless, both are great products.

4. Shower gel
The shower gel doesn’t do anything specific, other than what it was made for. This product is more for people wo really like the smell, because it leaves a ginger smell for some hours. Ofcourse it’s a great product and a great collection, but I’m just not a fan of the smell.

I don’t know if you still can buy this collection at the store or if you can buy them seperatly, but you can always check the other collections out, because  there are products and different smells for everyone.

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