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This is probably something you don’t know about me, but one day I would like to visit Korea. Actually, I would like to visit China, Japan, Tokio,… to. Not only for the architecture and the culture but also for their weird food and beauty products. Online, you can find tons of products know as ‘korean beauty products’. Not only the packaging is sometimes really weird, cute or cool, but the flavours  or how to use the products are not what we are used to.
That’s why, should I have the oppertunity, I would like to test some weird beauty products.
The next products I tested are not really weird, but rather cute. These are animal sheet mask, which I bought in a store here in Belgium, but on the packaging, it says ‘Korean beauty’.
These are not really that weird or special, but I kinda liked them and I never used or tested a sheet mask before. There are different animals to choose from. I choose Tiger, bear, cat and panda.
All of them have a different scent and different effect.

The tiger sheet mask is anti-oxidant with green tea extract and vitamin E and says to help protect, repair and moisturise the skin. 

The bear mask is cydra calm with green tea and apricot fruit extract. This one moisturises and softens the skin.

Next one is the panda mask and is called balence. It has niacinamide and cucumber extract in it and calms and improves the skin appearance.

Last one is the cat mask for moisture with green tea and liquorice extract. It balances, moisturises and soothes the skin.

After removing the mask from it’s packaging, you carefully unfold the sheet and put it on your dry face. Better not to have any make-up on as well. The sheet mask is really wet and moist. It’s almost as if someone has rubbed it in with a creme.
It says especially to not make contact with your eyes and lips, but I guess this is standard.
The sheet mask looks really funny on, but it’s a pleasant feeling, although it feels very cold to my skin. You have to leave it on for 10 minutes. I have to say , the mask is rather big, but the openings for the eyes and mouth are kinda small, so I have to try my best to not let the sheet make contact with my eyes. Because it’s so big, I can press it firmly on my face. It’s not sticky, but it stays well in place. It does not slide of my face.
After ten minutes, you can remove the mask and rub the leftovers into your skin. There’s no need to wash your face.

I have tested each mask on a different week in the weekend and honestly I have to say, since I started testing these, my skin feels so soft! It has been weeks since my skin suffered from dryness and now, it’s all gone! I don’t know if it’s really the sheet masks, but other than that, my skin feels refreshed and shines much more.
I really love these sheet mask and I will definitely try more of them!

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