Test│Three different make-up brands

Like many other girls,  I like make-up and I like buying make-up. Unfortunatly i have hooded eyes, so applying make-up isn’t really easy, in my opinion. That and the fact that I kinda suck at putting on make-up makes it a bit difficutl but I try my best and everyday I learn something new. Anyway these things don’t stop me from wearing make-up and trying out some new stuff.
I usually buy the same brands, cause people tend to buy the same things when they know they ar e good, but in make-up, there are  tons of different brands and make-up, it’s hard to stick with just one brand.  Everyone knows the big brands like NYX and MAC, which are, don’t get me wrong, kinda expensive. I mean, I looooove all those gorgeous make-up pallettes and I would love to use or buy one, maybe some day, but 60 euro’s or more for a pallette is just so much.  I assume these brands are of high quality and honestly, I think I would pay the price.
Anyway, there are loads of brands who are cheaper and have a good name. I have bought three different kind of make-up pallets form different brands. I wanted to test if these were any good and if they’re worth their price. The three brands are MUA make-up, Sleep make-up and revolution make up.  These are three brands that are easily to find where I life, which I can’t say from the well-know brands. To get those, I have to go to another city.
For now, I’ve tested these three and this is my opion.

  1. Sleek make-up – 10.99
    The packaging of the palette is completly black, but luckily you can see the colors on the box. This palette is rather samll and has twelve colors in it. It’s called I-Divine, all night long. There’s a little brush with it, which most palettes have, I guess, but mostly these brushes arn’t any good, so I won’t use it.
    As soon as I take my bursh and want to apply the eyeshadow, the eyeshadow starts to crumble. It’s a bit of a mess, but it’s not that bad. The only problem with this is you have to watch out not to smudge the leftovers into other colors. Oh, and don’t sneeze in it.
    When I apply it onto my eyelid, the colors are very light. You can see the color, but it’s not that pigmented. It’s a lovely light color, but it’s just not really present. After applying some more, the color gets stronger.
    Since this is a neutral pallette with light coulors, I didn’t expect them to be bold, so I kinda like the fact that it’s making me look natural kind-ish.I always put some darker color in the corner of my eye, to kinda make it pop. I alreay said, I’m not that good in make-up but usually I like what I’m doing. I think these colors are really pretty and good for natural look. S

2. Revolution make-up – 6.99
This palette has a see-throug packaging and is called Redemption palette iconic 3. It also has 12 colors, but the packaging is a bit bigger. I immediately loved the pink colors.  It goes form light pink to a darker purple one.  I love both colors, light and dark, so for this look I used the dark purple and a glittery pink one, to add some sparkle. These colors are really bright and even the one with glitter is clearly visible. Luckily, these eyeshadows don’t crumble. The purple color was so strong and pigmented, that I had to blend it out really well. Again, I added a darker color in the corner of my eyes, cause this is just something I do and again, I really like it.  This look is a bit darker than the one before, but I think my eyes stand out more. By adding the pink glitter, I think you give the look something extra. Both the matte and the glittery colors are really pigmented and , I can say it enough, they’re so pretty. Depending on where you work, I think this is more a ‘go out-look’ rather than a ‘going to work-look’ although I wouldn’t mind trying this out for work. You could only use the lighter colors for a more neutral look, but this pallette just looks really festive to me.

3. MUA make-up –
This packaging is also see-through and has a pencil in it with a dark and a light color. It’s called Elysium eyeshadow palette and it has ten colors. These colors are a mix of nudes, pink and darker colors and although I like them (or else I wouldn’t bought it), there kinda ‘boring’. I don’t mean this in a bad way, what I mean is that there not really bold or eye-popping. The glitterly ones are not that pigmented, but very pretty. The darker ones on the other hand are very pigmented.  I think they bring each other in balance. These colors are perfect for a more neutral look. Again, as soon as I take my brush, the eyeshadow crumbles a bit. There’s this light glittery kinda gold color I used on my whole eyelid and again, a darker one in the corner of my eye, but I used a very light one, since the other ones are very light to. The make-up is present, but not to much.

Obviously, I like all colours of the three of them or else I wouldn’t have chose those ones.
They were all pretty and good, although comparing one with another, some where more pigmented, others where less pigmented, some of them were bold, the others neutral.
I really didn’t like that they were crumbling, because it’s always such a mess and you spill like half of your eyeshadow.
Looking at the price/quality, Sleek make-up costs more, but it crumbles, like the one from MUA does as well. Both were pretty palettes with different colors, but most of them were more neutral and I kinda like palettes who have some bold colors in it.
The Revolution palette has multiply glittery colors from light beige, glittery pink to dark purple, which I really like.
I think all of them were pretty good but if I had to choose one, I would go with Revolution.
I’m really exited to try some more palettes the next time.

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