Outfit│Sunny winters day

Am I the only one who is tired of this weather? Its cold and it keeps getting colder. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the cold. I am the kinda person who would wear a pants underneat a pants. I am the kinda person who wears three pairs of socks and layers and layers of shirts and sweaters. I have to say, I like nature when it gets colder, like the leaves that are falling down in a spiral of colors and the snow that covers the earth, but that’s kinda all. Anyway, I don’t like to sit indoors all day, I like to be outside and take a long walk. There were a few rare days where the sun was out and it was so nice to feel the warmth on my skin. This was that kinda day where I didn’t need thousand of clothes to keep me warm, so I put on my favorite pink sweater and matching purse, took my coat and scarf and went outside. This is what my outfit looked like.
Scarf – Bershka Coat – H&M Sweater – Stradivarius Purse – Meli Melo Belt – Primark Trousers – Pull&Bear Sneakers – Stradivarius

Aurely ❥

Outfit│ Stronger


Spring is almost over and we’re heading towards summer, but some days, it doesn’t really feel like summer (thanks to the wheter in Belgium). Now and then, we can enjoy the sun, but most of the days are still filled with cold wind and grey clouds. Not really weather to go outside with shorts and tops. It’s like we’re in an inbetween phase where it’s already to hot to wear a winter coat, scarve and hat but also not warm enough for summer clothing.
That’s why I can still wear my favorite piece of clothing, which are sweaters. I think I have more sweaters than anything else. It’s just comfortable, easy and you have them in many sizes and colors. The sweater I bought in New Yorker for € 19,95. It has the quote stronger on it which I really like because I feel like it fits me. I kinda made up my own quote because, while I’m not really happy with my body and I don’t have a size zero, I’m trying to work on it everyday and it won’t stop me from becoming stronger.
Also I liked that it was in three colors and it’s just a little bit oversized. I combined the sweater with a pink bowtie in my hear and white sneakers from Stradivarius for €  25. Underneat my sweater, I wore a simple pink tshirt with white details, which I also got in the New Yorker for € 6,95
I’m not really a pink kinda girl, but I do love this outfit.


Aurely ❥