Review │Face masks from Hema

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I really like to go explore in shops, see what’s new. I don’t know if you have this shop in other countries but the Hema is a shop were you can buy many things like make-up, jewellery, cooking utensils, clothes,… They also have a big range of different care products like srubs, shaving foams, face masks, soap, hand creams and much more.
This time, I’ve noticed a new action that’s going on. You could buy two face masks and get one for free. Of course, I love to test things out and I’m always curious whether these face masks really work. So I chose three different ones and tested them out. They all costed € 2 which , again, is very cheap.


1. Syrup waffle self-heating face mask


I’ve never ever tried a self-heating face mask and actually, I didn’t even knew this existed. First, you have to wash your face with lukewarm water and you cannot dry it off. Next step is to apply it evenly to your face. Immediatly, my faces begins to glow and the mask feels so warm on my face. It is a weird but kinda pleasent feeling. The mask is so sticky, but it smells soooo good. I don’t know if you all know what a syrup waffle is, but here is called ‘stroopwafel’ and it’s a very delicious cookie.  Of course, the smell is exactly like a syrup waffle, but I have to tell you, it tastes really bad, but I guess that was to be expected. It wasn’t my plan to taste it, but there were some drops that fell on my lips and so I got a few in my mouth. Disgusting! Also, make sure you don’t spill this on your clothes, cause I reckon it will make stains.
You have to leave it on for like 10 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse again with lukewarm water. Because you have to rinse it, the mask is starting to heat up again, so apparently, it’s the water that triggers the heat.
At first, my skin feels a bit sticky and it still glows a bit, I guess from the heath. It’s after a while that my skin start to feel a lot fresher and smoother. My cheeks  look a little bit red, but my skin isn’t irritated.
I really liked testing this one out! I love the smell so much and I like that it’s self-heating.



2. Avocado mud face mask


I loooove everything about avocado, so I was really curious about this face mask. Again, you have to rinse your face with lukewarm water, before applying the mask. It has a mint green colour and there are little grains in the mask, but I don’t know what they are. It is a really thick substance, but it isn’t sticky, which makes it easier to apply.
Leave on for 10 tot 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Because of the little grains, your face gets a little scrub, but it doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s kinda hard to get the mask of, I have to rinse my face multiply times.
Also with this mask, my face feels kinda greasy at first, but then it feels fresher. I kinda think my skin glows a bit.



3. Charcoal peel-off mask


Apparently, this is a peel-off mask, which I didn’t see a first, but it doesn’t matter. In the past, I’ve already tried a charcoal peel-off mask and it wasn’t a succes. It’s not that I’m afraid it will hurt again, cause I’m always really curious if the next one will be better. Here, you just have to clean your face and pat it dry. Than apply the sticky substance to your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn’t take long for me to feel a tingling feeling on my face and it already starts to pull.
After 20 minutes, it was time for the moment of truth. And you know what? It went of soooo easily! On some places, I think I put to much on, causing the layers to be too thick. So on some places in my face, the layer wasn’t really fully dried, so I advice to put a thin layer or leave it on for 30 minutes, maybe longer. The rest didn’t came of that easily by rinsing it with water.
My skin feels so fresh and super smooth from the beginning! My face isn’t red or irritated and doesn’t hurt at all.




I think I like the charcoal peel-off mask the best, because I had immediate results! My skin felt fresh the whole day and felt so soft and smooth. It was kinda sticky, which I don’t really like, but it went of so easily and the results are so good, that I’m not that bothered with it.
Second, I like the advocado face mask. I liked that there were little grains in it, so your face gets a little scrub to. The color was also really pretty and I liked the substance.
It was nice to try a self-heating mask and the smell was absolutely amazing. The warm feeling I got, was interesting and I kinda liked it.

Aurely ❥



Review │Originals from Kruidvat

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I already have seen an incredible amount of peel-off masks, but I never tested one before. In one of my previous blog post, I tested the facial mask with charcaol from the Action, which is also a peel-off mask (to know what I thought about it, go check out the post). Since then, I’m trying to find the perfect peel-off mask. That’s why I tested the range of Originals from Kruidvat (Dutch drugstore), wich has a peel-off mask, a clay mask, a scrub mask and a cream mask. They all cost €1,99, so it’s really cheap. This range also has two hand creams, but I didn’t test these ones. Each product has a main product and a color. The texture and smell are also different. This is my opinion of the other products.

  • Peel-off mask



I’ve started with the peel-off mask, which I was kinda excited for. It is made with dragon fruit and has a pink color. It’s very sticky and see through, but it smells really nice. On each packaging is explained how to use the product, so I suggest you always do this. I applied the product to my face and it’s almost invisible, with just a little pink shine. It didn’t take long for the product to dry and I felt it immediately. My face felt very tight and it was hard to smile. After 20 minutes, you could take the mask off. I was so curious if it would hurt, but it was amazing! It went of so quickly and without pain! There were hardly any pieces of the mask still on my face and my face didn’t hurt or wasn’t red at all. It felt smooth and soft. You could say it was a big succes!


  • Clay mask


After that, I tested the clay mask. Also a product I never used before, but I always wanted to. This package has blue/mint details and it’s with dead sea minerals in it. The product itself has also a mint kinda color. You apply this to your face and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, you just wash it of with lukewarm water. Again, it doesn’t take long for the product to dry. After washing everything away, I still didn’t have any problems with my skin. It was still soft and it shone a bit.


  • Scrub mask


The scrub mask has black details and this is also a product with charcoal in it. The scrub itself is really black with very fine grains in it. I don’t really like using scrubs on my face, because the ones I used in the past had grains who where to big, which kinda hurts and made my face look red and irritated. It wasn’t like that with this product, I guess thanks to the fine grains. First you have to massage the product on to your face and leave it for a few minutes. Nevertheless  people with sensitive skin should still be carefull. I don’t have sensitve skin, so for me, this products was great.


  • Cream mask


Lastly, I’ve tested the cream mask. It has yellow details and is made with shea butter. The cream is white and, like most creams, the smell is amazing. Again, afther applying, you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes. It kinda feels refressing. After that, you just wash it of with warm water. Still no redness, my skin doesn’t feel irritated. I just love all these products!


I don’t really know if it’s smart to use all these products at the same time, but my skin never felt softer, smoother and looked shiny. All of them were amazing, with nice textures and good smells. They, of course, all have a different effect, which I really liked, so I’m still gonna use them separately. The packaging, which I think is kinda important to, is simple, but very pretty and it has clear instructions.
Like I said before, the price is really cheap, but the products are of good quality! They’re really worth the try!

Aurely ❥

Review│Charcoal products Action

Beauty, skincare

Products with charcoal were really ‘in’ for some moment (or are they still?) and I think it is a product that sells very well. I started with the well known toothpaste with charcoal, which showed us promising results for whiter teeth. Not long after, facemasks and other care products with charcoal followed. I never really bought or tested a product with charcoal before, so I was very happy to see that the Action (Dutch drugstore) had three different kinds of products, which are toothpaste, facial wipes and a facemask. Luckily I was just in time, because the toothpaste was sold out quickly. You can still find the other products in the Action and there are many other drugstores that sells these kind of products. For now, I will test these ones.


  1. Black charcoal cleansing wipes – €0,89 Action


First of all, I tested the facewipes, because that way I could remove my make-up and test the peel-off mask. I don’t really wear that much make-up and when I wear make-up, it’s certainly not dark make-up. The wipes are very black, so I wonderd if the color would come off. They smell very nice though. After one swipe, most of my make-up came of, not all of it, but it was pretty good. The remaining leftovers go off very well after a little rubbing. You can clearly see the make-up on the wipes.

facial wipes2

I really like the smell and it feels as if my skin is softer. Besides that, I didn’t had to make much effort to get the make-up off.


  1. Charcoal facial mask –  €1,95 Action


Next on, I tested the facial mask, which I was very curious about. I also never bought a peel-off mask before (I oviously did buy toothpaste before and wipes to). I hope the mask isn’t rubbish. With the facial mask, there is also something that looks like a little spoon, which I guess is to apply the product evenly to your face. The product itself is very black and also very sticky. It was kinda heard to spread it out evenly. On the packaging, it says to leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes, but it kinda went faster, which is a plus. Waiting is not my thing.

charcoal mask.jpg

The mask isn’t really hard to get off, but it was so painful! It really hurted! I had seen some people before, on youtube, who tested a mask to, some of them a charcoal mask, and it was always a disaster. They couldn’t get they’re mask of or they were stupid enough (i’m sorry but it is) to put the product on there eyebrows, so I was a bit worried. I didn’t really hurt on my forehead, but it did on the rest of my face. I could get if of smootlhy, but with pain. So it kinda went quickly, but I don’t know if it’s really wort it.

charcoal mask2.jpg

There were small pieces left behind, but you could wash them off easily with a bit of water. My skin is super red and it tingles and kinde burns, but on the other hand, my skin feels super smooth and soft!


  1. Charcoal toothpaste – €1,39 Action


Lastly, I tested the toothpaste. The toothpaste is very dark, but when you start brushing, the color kinda dissapears and your teeth are a bit grey, but not really dark like other charcoal toothpastes. I really don’t like the taste of it, but i quess this is personal. Of course, you don’t see a difference right away, you have to use the product twice a day for a couple of weeks. I hope to see a difference in a few weeks, I’ll keep you posted!



I really would like to continue using the facial wipes and I hope the toothpaste does its work. All the products were really cheap to. The peel-off mask did give me a soft face, but because it’s kinde painful, I don’t know if I’m gonna use it again.




Aurely ❥