Outfit│Sunny winters day

Am I the only one who is tired of this weather? Its cold and it keeps getting colder. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the cold. I am the kinda person who would wear a pants underneat a pants. I am the kinda person who wears three pairs of socks and layers andMeer lezen over “Outfit│Sunny winters day”

Fashion │Chickapow

I know christmas and new year all already past (unfortunately), but I wanted to show you guys what I wore those days. I want to tell you about a site I found through Instagram, which is really trustworthy. Normally I’m not the kind of girl who buys a new dress every year or for everyMeer lezen over “Fashion │Chickapow”

Hotspot│Clouds Of Fashion

Today I want to tell you about a shop I already knew about, but never visited yet. Last weekend, I went to Ghent with my sister, which is an amazing city. There are lots of hotspot with nice concepts and unique places and things to see. I have a whole list of amazing shops andMeer lezen over “Hotspot│Clouds Of Fashion”

Outfit│ Stripes

Finally,  there’s a bit more sun and it’s warmer. It’s still windy sometimes, but hey, it’s a start.  I really like taking long walks in the nature, but when it’s hot, it’s not really comfortable to do this with a pair of jeans. Also, I’m not really fond of shorts, because it just doesn’t fitMeer lezen over “Outfit│ Stripes”

Outfit│ Stronger

Spring is almost over and we’re heading towards summer, but some days, it doesn’t really feel like summer (thanks to the wheter in Belgium). Now and then, we can enjoy the sun, but most of the days are still filled with cold wind and grey clouds. Not really weather to go outside with shorts andMeer lezen over “Outfit│ Stronger”