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Since most of us are at home due to the corona virus, I thought it would be nice to make a list of all the fun,nice or useful things you can do while at home.
In a week, I have one day I have to go to work, the others days I spend at home, together with my boyfriend, who has no more work at all.
Since I don’t have a garden, we go outside a lot, to go biking or making long walks, but I know some people are afraid to going outside, that’s why I would like to begin with things you can do inside.
I’ll start with the fun things and after that I can sum up some practical things.


1. Pinterest
This is the moment I finally found the time to clean up my pinterest. Start making maps with clear names like ‘dream house’ or ‘wishlist’. You can also make submaps like ‘sweaters’, ‘skirts’ and ‘shoes’. Remove all your duplicate pictures. Here you can make a map ‘bullet journal’ or maybe ‘inspiring instagram pictures’. Search new maps or people to follow or unfollow those that aren’t interesting anymore. This is the place to get inspired. Here you can follow other people with the same visons or maybe with things you never dare to do.  If you’re interested, my pinterest is aurely andrea anrys.

2. Make a bucket list
Time to make a bucket list. This not only for all the things you want to do in your life, but for the things you want to do when all of this is over. Let’s call it the ‘after corona bucket list’.
On mine, there are a few simple things like go shopping and go to the mall. Other than that, I have some city trips I would like to do and friends I like to visit. What about you?

3. Movie marathon
It’s a cliché, but it’s still good. If now you don’t have the time, you never will.
Go get some nice food and drinks, maybe lit some candles, close the curtains and get cosy. It has been ages since I wanted to do a Harry Potter marathon but since my boyfriend isn’t a fan, I guess that’s no option for me. Of course, there are loads of other movies and also series you can binge-watch. Go and enjoy.

4. (re)Start a bullet journal
I don’t know if this is still ‘a thing’ but recently, I’ve started a bullet journal and I love it.
It’s not only relaxing and you get to be artistic, but it’s also handy for making lists.
For example, you can make a to do list for every day or for the weeks. You can make cute calendars and write some nice quotes.
You can find loads of inspiration on pinterest on how to make one.

5. Bake
Who doesn’t like to bake? Make some cookies or cake and decorate them. Maybe you have some recipes you never tried. Well, what are you waiting for? For those wo are trying to eat healthy, like I, try to make some alternatives with healthy ingredients. Whenever I have overripe bananas, I try to make banana bread or banana waffles. This is my recipe:

For banana bread:
– 125g stevia/sucrin (or plain sugar, if you don’t have the healthy alternatives)
– 250g buckwheat flour
– 100g cocos oil-
– 3 spoons of cinnamon (you can add less or more)
– 2 eggs
– 4 ripe bananas

I use 100g walnuts for the batter and as a topping. This you choose for yourself. You can also use almond flakes.
If you want to, you can add vanile sugar, but I don’t do this, since this is an healthy recipe.

1. Smash the bananas in a bowl and add the eggs. Mix this together.
2. Add the sugar and cinnamon and mix again.
3. Add the cocos oil. Make sure the batter is smooth. I prefer to use the blender/kitchen robot, but you don’t have to if you like some chunks of banana.
4. Spoon the buckwheat flour under the batter.
5. Mix the chopped nuts into the batter. If necessary or you want to, keep some as topping.
6. Spread butter on your baking tin and add some flower. You can now pour the batter into the tin.
7. Use some nuts as topping or other ingredients as you like.
8. Put in the oven at 200° for 1 hour.

Now for the banana waffles:
– 5 spoons of buckwheat flour
– 3 spoons of cinnamon
– 2 eggs
– 4 spoons of olive oil (this so that the waffle wouldn’t get stuck in the machine)
– ½ apple

If the batter is to thick, use some soya milk to make it more runny.

1. Smash the bananas and add the eggs and cinnamon. Again, you can choose how much cinnamon you like.
2. Add the flour and mix well together.
3. Add the olive oil.
4. I add some apples in the batter, for some extra flavor, but you can choose not to or use some other fruits like blueberries.
5. Make sure the waffle iron is hot enough to pour the batter.

Normally I don’t use olive oil in this recipe, but it has been a few times now that the waffles keep sticking to the machine and wouldn’t come out. After searching on the internet, I found out that the waffles keep sticking because the batter wasn’t greasy enough. To fix this, you had to add some butter or oil, so I used oil.

6. Get crafty
Another thing I never had the time for, is drawing. I love to draw and getting better at it. Maybe this isn’t your thing, but there are a lot of alternatives to get creative. Try to paint something, just for fun or try a DIY. Again, on pinterest, there is a lot of inspiration. Try it, maybe you like it.

7. Go shop online
Since it will be a while for the shops to reopen, we can just shop online for now. Go to your favorite site and make a wishlist. If you don’t like shopping online, you can just add them to your list, so you know what to buy when it’s over. I have wishlist on 4 or 5 different shops and what I do, is compare the clothes that look alike, so I can find out which are the best pieces with the best price and best quality.  Another important thing is to keep in mind what you need rather than what you want. Cosy sweaters with cute prints on sale? You’re not gonna need that for a while so better leave that on your list for a now.
This way you can buy things without wasting money.

8. Skincare
There is no day that skincare isn’t a good idea. This is a good idea for girls but even boys can benefit from this. Pick a day were you can wake up fresh and shiny and not have to wear make-up. Start with your morning routing. If you don’t have any, again, Pinterest is your friend. You can make many good mask with ingredients you have at home.  Make sure you relax the rest of the day, so you just can enjoy. Take a long, hot bath or shower in the afternoon. If you’re in bath, read a book and use some (scented) candles (if you want to) and use a bath bomb. This is a bit more difficult if you’re in the shower, but you can enjoy it either way. While you’re in the shower or in bath, you can apply a face mask. After your hot shower/bath, you can take care of your legs with a moisturizing body butter or body yoghurt. Do your nails and eyebrows. Take a nice tea or coffee and enjoy the rest of your day.

9. Gaming
Get your PlayStation out of the dust and start playing. For those who don’t have a PlayStation, you can downloads some games on your computer. It has been ages since I played the sims. You can also play some board games. This will literally fill up your whole day.


1.  Clean up your clothes
If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, search her up. It’s time to do something about your wardrobe.
I’m the kind of type that buys clothes because I need them, after I threw a few things away because they were old, broken or didn’t fit me anymore. Occasionally, I buy things because I want to and I like them. My sister, on the other hand, keeps on buying things while she doesn’t need them or doesn’t have space for it. Which type are you?
A tip I got to start with, is to hang your clothes on the hanger the other way around in your closet ( I think this is from Marie Kondo, but I’m not sure). After a few weeks or month, you should see which ones are hanging correctly and which don’t. The ones that don’t are the ones you don’t wear, so think about giving them away to a charity or you can try to sell them.
Another thing is to make piles and every time you have a piece of clothing, think by yourself, does it makes me happy? If it doesn’t, throw it on a pile to go, if it does, keep it.
Recently I’ve done this with my clothes and those of my boyfriends and more than half of our closet was empty (especially his side), so know I can buy some new stuff.
If I can give you some advice, make sure you don’t buy new stuff just to fill your closet. It’s better to make a list of the things you don’t have any more or need, like basics, for example blazers, tops, blouses,…
Make combinations with your clothes and see what you’re missing to complete the look.
And sorry for saying it again, but get some inspiration on pinterest on what you need.

2. Clean up your house
While you’re busying cleaning out your closes, why not clean the whole house? I know it’s not the most fun job, but afterwards, your house will look and smell so clean, it’ll be all worth it.
Start by getting of the dust on all your furniture and while doing that, maybe you can water the plants to. Make sure the tables and desk are clean, so it’s easier.
Start vacuuming. Get some hot water with a soap with a nice smell and start cleaning. What helps me, is some good music. That always gets the job done. Go on and get started.

3. Make a groceries list
This is a thing me and my boyfriend do every Saturday before we do our groceries and it’s such a good help. We make a list for the whole week. That way, we have everything in house and we don’t have to go shopping during the week. This is very handy for when you don’t have time after work to go to the shop. Because we make a list, we have a clear view of what we need and buy and we only buy what’s on the list. We make sure we eat something different every day, like fish, minced meat, pasta, meat and so on. This saves you time and money.

4. Leftover tasks
Roll op you sleeves and get working. Start doing all the task you didn’t have time for or didn’t want to do, because if you don’t do it now, you never will.
Have some clothes that needs to be sewed? Get on with it.
Do you have to paint a wall, a door or a window. Just do it.
Need to hang up a painting or framework? What are you waiting for.
Again, in this case, I would make a list of all the things that needs to be done. This way you have an overview of what you can do which day.

5. Learn something new
This is the time to learn something new. Maybe it’s baking, maybe it’s a new language or something entirely different. Online you can find loads of programs or sites where you can learn stuff. Other than that, you also have apps. I am trying to work on my French and learning Spanish and Korean with the Duolingo app. It’s just something small I do every day, but if you do this, you will benefit from it in the end.


1.  Get sportive
I’m not the sportive type at all but since I’m at home, I don’t have an excuse anymore not to exercise.
I try to run 30 minutes every day and after that, I’m doing a workout. There are many people with workouts on YouTube, but the one I follow and like is Pamela Reif. She has workouts from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and they are all achievable. There are full body workouts, but also leg workout, ab workout or booty workout.
If you don’t like sport at all, just go hiking or biking.  If you walk 30 minutes every day, it is said, you will lose weight. Other than that, you have some vitamin D and it’s just very healthy. 

2. Just enjoy nature
It’s almost summer, so you can enjoy the sun in your garden or just go outside. I, unfortunately, don’t have a garden, so every time it’s sunny, I make a long walk alongside the river close to my house.
I just love the sun on my face and hear the birds sing. The trees are blooming and everything is green.
Who doesn’t love that?

3. Photoshoot
While you’re outside, maybe you can do a photoshoot? If it’s not for Instagram, why not for fun or for yourself? I myself enjoy taking pictures of nature and buildings. Go search some nice spots and get photogenetic.

4. Get to know your city
I live in a small city where there isn’t much to do. Since it’s such a good weather, we go outside a lot and just start randomly walking. That’s how we discovered some spots we never saw before or knew they existed. These spots are mostly well hidden and you can only find them by accident or because you know the city very well. Because if this, I have some new spots which I can photograph.
You can always try to type in ‘hidden spots in …’, and maybe you’ll get surprised.

5. Get some garden work done
If you prefer your garden over going outside, why not do some garden work? Mow the grass, get rid of weeds and buy some new plants. It’s nicer to sit outside when everything looks clean and colorful, isn’t it?

The only thing you can do is to make the best out of it. And don’t worry if you have a day or a few where you feel like doing nothing. That’s okay, just do what you want to do and remember to stay positive (:.

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