Our last stay was in Lisbon, which we visited two days. But first, I wanna tell you about Sintra. This city/town has a couple of castles which are really worth the visit and so beautiful. We visited three of them, I don’t really know how much there are, but we visited the most popular ones, which are Palacio Monserrate, Palacio Quinta Da Regaleira and Palacio Nacional da Pena.
If you want to visit these three, or some others, let me give you some advice. Make sure you know which castle you pass first. We went to Palacio Monserrate first and didn’t know whe passed Palacio Quinta Da Regaleira on our way up. After we visited the first castle, we found out the other one was way down, close tot he center of the city, but it was a one way road, so we had to make a huge detour. Not convient.
Also, try to find out when are the best times to visit the castles. There were so many people everywhere and if you’re like me and can’t stand people walking in front of your camera the whole time, you better be prepared.

Anway, I’m not gonna talk to much about the castles, they were all beautiful, one more than the other. Second one was Palacio Nacional Da Pena and lastly, we went to Palacio Quinta Da regaleira.
I thought Palacio Quinta Da Regaleira was the most beautiful. Not because the inside was so beautiful, it was really not that interessting, but the outside was amazing and you had this huge park around it with a secret well where you have a spiral staircase to the bottom of the well. You can walk  underground in the dark to find the other exit of the well. You end up in this beautiful underground cave with a waterfall and a path over the water. Other than that, you have many more little towers or secret passages, a chapel and the amazing garden itself.


Next best one, I thought, was the Palacio Monserrate. This garden is also so huge and beautiful and has many different gardens like a mexican one, a rose garden and a Japanese one. The building is also beautiful on the outside and even a little on the inside. You have these beautiful corridors which make you think a bit of the Arabian nights.


I think most people like Palacio Nacional da Pena the best, but I thought that only the outside was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, the inside was oke, but it’s just rooms with old furniture. Because we went around noon, there were so many people. Really, go later in the day. We had to line up for a long time and even after entering the castle, we still had to walk in a line because of the big crowd. The outside is colorfull and really nice, but up close, it’s hard to get a good picture.


Anway we payed € 41.80 for Palacio Monserrate and Palacio Quinta Da regaleiro together and € 12 for Palacio Nacional da Pena. This isn’t really much for all the beautiful things we saw.

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