This will be my last post about my travel in Portugal. This time, I will talk about Lisbon. On the last two days, we tried to do all the big and interesting buildings. We did many different churches and of course, the Sé of Lisbon. Although, I like going to churches, many of them wern’t really that special, but still very nice. It all depends on how much you like culture and churches. What you really should visit, is the district of Belém. Here you can find Torre de Belém and the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. You can simply take a tram and you’re there in no time. In this neighborhood, you can also buy the delicious and popular pastéis de Belém, wich were so good, but if you want some, you gotta wait a while. We didn’t do that, because we almost ate pastel/pastéis de nata for breakfast in every hotel and I’m pretty sure this is the same thing. You can find this almost anywhere in Portugal, but I guess the ones in Belém or just more popular for some reason.


Anyway, back to Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. In the meantime, I already talked so much about Mosteiro’s and the buildings and how amazing they are and how you have a beautiful courtyard. Well, this is another one. I can’t really tell you why this one is better than the others or if it’s not, because I liked all of them. But this mosteiro is just a very popular place for tourists in Lisbon.


Another thing you can visit, is Castelo de São Jorge. I did like it, but I have to say, I though there was more to see. When you enter the gates, you have this gigant square with an amazing view. Other than that, you can walk around in the gardens/on the terrain, but there isn’t really a castle to visit. You can go inside the castle walls, but there’s nothing really there. What you can do, is walk on the castle walls, which gives you views from all around. This was € 17 for two persons.


I just wanna talk about one thing very quickly. Between those two days we spend in Lisboa, we went a day to Evora. This city is very small, but cosy and hasn’t have that many things to do, but if you go there, you can visit the Bone chapel. I really loved this! This is a little chapel, fully covered with real bones and skulls. This was € 7 euros for two persons. You can visit the museum that comes with it and the church, which are included, but these two wern’t really that interessting, I thought.


Another thing I liked, which is probably weird to say, was the Cemitério dos Prazeres. The cemeteries here arn’t that majestic and beautiful likes those in Italy, but I still liked it. They put more effort in building something beautiful for their loved ones. Here it was one little house after the other, with one or more coffins in it. The sinister thing about it, was that some doors or windows were broken, so you could see everything inside and some of the coffins were even open. I like scary things, scary movies, skulls and that sort of things, but to be so close to a dead human, was kinda freaking me out a little bit. It was cool but kinda disturbing at the same time.


Other than that, the city has many levels, so on many spots, you have a beautiful view to watch. You can visit the shops or go to Praça do comércio, which is a nice square, with a view on the Taag, a river.  It’s also nice to watch the typically yellow trams and probably nice to sit in one, but we preffered to walk. There are so many good places to eat or to just sit, drink something and enjoy your holiday.


If you never went to Portugal before, I hope you liked my blog and I hope you got inspired to maybe visit some of the places I went. Portugal is definitely worth a visit! I had an amazing vacation/journey and I hope you will/had to!

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