Travel│Aveiro, Tomar and Batalha

The second hotel we booked, was in Aveiro. From here, we would visit Aveiro itself, Tomar and Batalha. We only stayed here one night. Aveiro is called the Venice of Portugal. This little town has a large channel, which you can make boattrips on, in boats that look a little like the boats in Venice. This town also isn’t really big, but it’s really nice to walk alongside the channel, where you also can spot beautiful houses. Everywhere you look, you can find houses and buildings covered with colorfull tiles. When you go tot he center of the town, you will find many cosy restaurants and cafes. Speciality of this town are Ovos Moles, which is a sweetness based on eggs and sugar. Many shops and also cafes sells these ovos moles, so when we went for a drink, we ordered a plate with typical cookies and ovos moles. You should definiately try it!


Not far away from Aveiro, you can find Costa Nova. This town is know for it’s striped houses alongside the sea. We made a nice walk along the beach, which was very nice because there wern’t any people. After that, we did a little walk to find the striped houses. You can find some in the small streets, but most of them lay along the main street, where the restaurants and the shops are. Other than that, there isn’t much here, but it’s a nice beach and the houses look really cool.


Tomar, again, isn’t really a big city, but those are the nicest ones. There also arn’t many (big) things to visit, but you have the castle of Tomar, Convento do Christo. This is really awesome if you love to visit old buildings/castles. The castlegrounds are already really huge with a big garden. The outside of the castle is nice to watch to.
Inside, you have a courtyard with trees and again, beautiful tiles. To visit the castle, you have to pay  € 6 (one person).


Deeper inside the castle, you can find the round church with some kind of sculpture in the middle of it and everything is beautifuly decorated. When you walk further, again, there’s a beautiful courtyard with a nice view. There are many halls and chambers you can visit.


After that, we drove to Baltalha, which is also very close. The most interesting thing you can find here is the Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitoria. This building is already so breathtaking on the outside and sooo huge. Inside, it looks like a normal church, expect for one part. Here, you can find the founders chapel, which you have to pay € 6 euros for (one person), but the rest of the mosteiro is included. It’s in this chapel that the grave of King Johan I of Portugal lies. The amazing stained-glass windows show their beautiful colors on the ground and walls.


Afterwards, you can visit the mosteiro.  Here you also have a huge courtyard where you can see the amazing architecture of the building with its amazing columns and decorated walls. You should really, definitely, absolutely visit this!


Lastly, you could visit the unfinished chapels, which you can find behind the church. This was built in an octagonal form, with the entranceway on an axis and seven radiating chapels separated by small triangular structures. There is no roof at all.


So we payed € 24 for both the buildings, for two persons, which is actually not that much and they were absolutely worth the visit!

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