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Summer is coming, which means tops and shorts! Or skirts and dresses, whatever. Anyway, it means that it’s time to show our legs again, our in my case, my milk bottles. The easiest way to get a tan, is to use some tanning lotion or other tanning products. I mean, if you use it right, so you don’t look like an oompa loompa. Apparantly, there are also tanning pills now. You could go to a tanning center (is that how it’s called?), but it isn’t always cheap. Anyway, this post isn’t about tanning. To make sure that or legs will tan nicely, you have to make sure you scrub your legs first. When you remove dead skin cells, your legs will tan faster.

Scrubs enough in the world, but which are good en which make sure you don’t have a red or irritated skin? I’ve tested three different onces, a cheap one, one from a brand and one develloped or released by someone ‘known’.



1. Almond body scrub – € 2,75 Hema

I use this one for years now, so I didn’t made an effort to buy any other. The scrub has an amazing smell and consists of almonds (which I’m fan of), but the scent isn’t overwhelming. This almond body scrub has tiny grains, causing the dead skins to be removed gently. It has a sand-like texture, which I guess most scrubs have. Although it are fine grains, I feel them really good on my skin, which means they do their job. I don’t have sensitive skin, so I never have problems with redness or irritated skin anyway. I think this scrub would be good for people who have sensitve skin to. My legs feels soft and shines a bit. The smell isn’t really noticeable anymore. A big plus is that it doesn’t cost much at all!



 2. Sugar body scrub – € 6.99 Kruidvat

This is a bit more expensive (but not that much) because it’s a brand. As soon as I remove the lit, I get a really strong scent in my face. The smell is not unpleasent, but it’s definitely not my favorite and it’s kinda special. The scrub seems a bit runny because on top, there is liquid, so watch out when you open it. Unfortunatly, most of it is already on my desk and I tell you, it will make stains. After using the scrub a few times, the liquid dissapears. After that, the scrub is really hard and it’s difficult to get it out of the jar. Again, this scrub also has fine grains, but they are very hard so I would say, take it easy on the scrubbing. Certainly not a good scrub for people with sensitive skin, I think. After I washed the scrub of my legs, they rather feel greasy instead of smooth.  When I dried them of, they feel a bit more smooth, but less than the first scrub (almond body scrub).



 3. Pretty polished sugar scrub Zoella – € 9.99 Di Beauty

For those who don’t know, Zoella is a well know vlogger in America, but she has a few followers here in Belgium, like myself. This scrub is from her first beauty line and in the mean time, she has a second beauty line out. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought a product of hers. It also cost a lot more, but that’s what you get when you buy things from ‘famous’ people. But what is very important, is that it’s not tested on animals! Good one, girl!
This scrub has an amazing smell, which I can’t describe. In the scrub, there are red dots, but I don’t know what they are. On the packaging you can find the ingredients, but I still don’t really know what’s in it. When I take a bit of the scrub in my hand, it feels very sticky and you don’t feel any grains. I kinda like this weird texture. It’s only when I started scrubbing, that I feel the grains. They scrub nicely, but not to hard, so again, good for people with sensitive skin, in my opinion. I don’t have an unpleasant feeling when I scrub and I don’t know wheter it’s the fact that this is a sugar scrub or because of the weird texture. After rinsing my legs, they don’t hurt or arn’t red at all. Besides that, I still can smell the scrub a bit, which is very nice.




I still like to use my old trusty scrub, the almond body scrub, because it just works for me. It smels nice and the price is amazing! Although, I really like the sugar scrub from Zoella as well! Everything is amazing about this product, it just cost a bit more, but I guess it’s kinda worth it.
I’m not to keen on the body scrub from Kneipp, because I just didn’t like the smell, but of course, this smells different for everyone. Also, the grains were very hard, which I don’t really mind, but I rather have a scrub with fine grains in it. This was the case with the other two scrubs and they still did their jobs. My legs did feel smoother than using the one from the brand Kneipp. I’m obviously not saying this scrub is bad, but it’s just I liked the other two better.
I would certainly recommend you to try the one from Zoella, but mabye one of the other two could be something for you. Start scrubbing, ladies!


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