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For those who are with me from te beginning, maybe remember the word ‘Originals’. That’s because I’ve already written a blogpost about these product or this brand, but this are some different onces. If you have read this blogpost, than you know I am a big fan of Originals. So onces I spotted these new onces, I was really excited to try them out. There were massage oils, scrubs, day- and nightcremes, cleansing lotion, skin oil and eye cremes. I mean, how many things to choose from, all with a different smell and ingrediënts. I have chosen three different products to test and try.


1. Cucumber milk


This cucumber milk is some kind of cleansing lotion and is said to be refreshing. The bottle is made of glass and has a little pump, which I like. I actually don’t like cucumber, but this product is obviously not edible, so I was interested to try this. It smells really and it actually reminds me off fresh washed vegetables. The product just looks like any other cream. It’s not sticky at all. After applying it to my face, I feel really refreshed! I just don’t know how to say it differently. It absorbs very quickly and gives my face a little shine. I can smell the product on my face and feel very clean. I think this is a very good product to use in the morning, but even in the evening, after you removed your make-up.



2. Scrubcreme


If there is any fruit I really like (to eat), than it’s apricot, so I was eager to try this scrub. It’s a scrub for you face, which is always a little tricky. The grains must be not to big, so you wouldn’t end up with an irritated, red face, but also, not to small, so the scrub can do what it has to do. I love the smell, but I would say it smells like apricot. To be honest, I don’t really know how apricots smell. When I put my finger in the substance, I was really surprised. You don’t feel any grains at all! It was so weird, but when I applied it (on a slightly, moist face), I started to feel the grains. They are really small, but they are there. The substance feels really smooth and pleasant. After scrubbing it lightly on my face for a few minutes, I was happy to see that, when I washed it off, my face wasn’t red. Well, it was a little bit, but I kinda had a pink blush, rather than tomato cheeks. And my face felt so soft! In combination with the cucumber milk, I recon you to have the most soft skin ever.



3. Skin oil


I got two different skin oils, since my skin/face tends to be a bit dry during these winter months. Normally, I don’t have any problems with dry skin, but there’s a first for everything. One is with almands and is said to be soothing, the other is with argan and is nourishing. I already got the one with almonds and I use it daily. For some kind of reason, my chin is so dry and read al the time, which I never had before. That’s why I was searching for an oil with some natural ingredients in it. So I can already tell you I really love these oils and they really help! They both have a different smell, which is slightly present. Like any other oil, they are greasy, so watch out for your clothes. These plastic bottles look small, but I used the one with almond for a month now and you can’t even see diminish.  The two oils have the same outcome, so I can’t really tell which I like more.




Just as the other Orignials products I’ve already tested, these also have such good quality and they do the job! I love the smells and I kinda like the packaging to. The price for these different producs are the same, which is € 1.99. Amazing, right?
This is definitely a brand I will keep using!


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