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Recently, I walked into the Hema and noticed something new, which were the cushion lipstick and cushion eyeshadow. I don’t think this is really a new thing, since I know other well known brands (for example NYX) have similar products. Anyway, it’s something completely new for the Hema store, because normally they only sell the regular stuff and their make-up is not really a well-know (make-up) brand.
You also had a cushion foundation and cushion eyebrow something, but I wasn’t really interessted in that. Like I said, I chose the cushion lipstick and eyeshadow.


The packaging is not really beautiful or anything, it’s just black and simple. It’s small enough to put in your make-up bag or handbag, if you want to. On the top of the lid you could see wich color it it. The lipstick I chose kinda looks like a dark pink, with a purple-ish kinda color in it, but when you apply it, it’s more like a light pink with glitters in it. So it’s usefull to try the testers first.
There wern’t that many colors and also not really the normal kind of colors for lipstick and eyeshadow.
Once I removed the screw cap, there was this weird smell, which I didn’t really like. My mother didn’t smell anything, so maybe it’s just me.
To use it, you just have to put the cushion on to your eyelid and rub a little bit. You don’t have to push anything to make the ‘liquid’ come out of it. As soon as you start rubbing on your eyes (and with rubbing I just mean gently swipe back and forth) you immediately see the pretty color with the little glitters. You don’t have to rub that much to see results.


I kinda have bad eyes to show you, because they are kinda hooded (which I don’t like, but hey, gotta accept it) so I had to apply a bit more than another person would probably do, that’s why it’s little messy, but I wanted to show you how it looked so you could really see it. I kinda like it. It’s really easy and even my mother thought it was handy.
Even with my hooded eyes,  I get the feeling you can see I have something on. It’s a really pretty neu,tral color. It’s almost impossible to spill, unless someone gives you a push or you’re just clumsy.


Like the eyeshadow, there arn’t many colors to. This one looks kinda coral-ish and a bit nude-like when you see the packaging, but it’s kinda hard to describe which color it is, when you put it on, but I really like it. It has a gold shine to it.
It’s really weird to put it on, because it’s so dry. You know when you kinda smack your lips or you roll them over each other to get more lipstick on both of your lips, well it’s not working here, or at least not that good. You have to put the cushion lipstick on both of your lips seperatly. It doesn’t stick and doesn’t has a flavour. It isn’t really smooth either, but I kinda like it. it feels like I have nothing on my lips, while you clearly can see I have.


What I don’t like about these products, were the smell. I just don’t know if it’s me or not! Luckily, when I apply it, I don’t really notice anything anymore and it doesn’t bother me anymore. Also, it’s a shame there arn’t many colors.
The eyeshadow stays relatively long on my lips, as long as I don’t drink or eat. After that, the color is almost completely gone, so you have to re-apply, which is not really a good thing.

On the other hand, I really liked the colors and how it looked and worked. It’s so handy and simple. They  both cost € 7, which isn’t much, but I would liked the product to last longer.
Let me know if you have it a try and if it’s only me how smells something!


Aurely ❥

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