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Did you know that Garnier Bio has a range with organic certified skincare? This range has skincare with plants for each skin type. Other than that, these products are vegan and the ingredients come from renewable resources.  They also use as much recycled and recycable materials. For me, these are huge characteristics to help me decide if I want to buy a product.
I think in these times and for the sake of the future, we have to start thinking more and more about the environment and what we can do to help the planet/earth.
I’m not only talking about these kind of products but also about clothing, about food,…
Which clothing is sustainable, is made of recycled materials, which food is not wrapped in plastic,… These are just a few examples, but there are so much important aspects we need to know.
Anyway, let’s get on with the products of Garnier Bio. I have received tree different oils, which are a biologic  essential thyme oil, a biologic argan oil and a lavandin oil.

With these products, I got a little ‘cloth’ bag and some sort of flyer with lots of information. In this little book, they explain what Garnier Bio is and stands for and they talk about this range. There are many pictures of all sorts of plants and what they are used for and for which skin type. You can read about the journey of the plants to the consumer, which is very interesting.
The thing  I like the most is that they have many pages where they talk about different plants like lemon grass and lavandin.  They explain some more in detail what they are used for, for which skintype they are, what the scent is and how they grow the plants. To explain these things, there are many beautiful pictures, numbers and ‘know abouts’.

I can imagine there are many people who would toss this flyer in the bin or don’t bother reading it, but it’s so important to read this! You’ll learn these products are not only good for your skin but for the planet to! Garnier Bio has respect for the plants and nature.
The reason you also should buy these products, is that they are amazing.
Let me tell you more about them.

1. Biologic essential thyme oil

This one is said to be a perfecting toner. It has scents in it with sugar cane, barley stems, thyme, cornflower and mint. Since I don’t really like the scent of mint, that’s obviously the one I smell the most, but it smells so fresh and natural, that I really don’t mind.
Normally, I only use a cleanser to clean my face before I go to bed, but I’m glad I have this toner now. The fresh scent that stays behind on my face, makes me sleep even better. My face feels very hydrated and looks so good in the morning.

2. Biologic argan oil

The argan oil is for a dry and rough skin and can be used on the face, body and hands.
The scent is really subtile and you don’t really notice it until you use it. I don’t think I ever used a product with argan in, so I didn’t really know how it would smell, but if I would try to describe it, I would say it smels a bit flowery.
Also, it’s not really an oil, like it is said on the packaging, but more like a cream.
I don’t really have problems with dry and rough skin, so I gave it to my mother, but I did test it.
My skin is even more softer and smoother and it’s kinda calming to, so I’m sure it will help my mothers skin to.

3. Lavindin oil

This oil is for the face and gives it a natural glow. It comes in a glass packaging and has a pipette, if you know what I mean. The thing they also use often to apply highlighter on your face or drops of some kind of product. The scent is really strong and without knowing the product or plants they use, you would definitley know it’s lavandin. After applying on my face, the oil sticks a bit, but isn’t greasy, if that makes any sense. The scent, again, is really amazing and my face is so shiny and glowy. I actually stared at myself in the mirror for like 5 minutes, because I love the way the oil looks on my skin. It just looks so good and so natural. I think this is my favourte product of all three.

I hope you liked my review, but mostly I hope I made you think about products in a different way and how it’s so important not just to buy things, but to learn about them and what they do, what they stand for and which ingredients they use.
Thinking about what we buy, is a part of helping our planet. You can be part of it.

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