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Since I became ‘older’, there is one thing I loved more and more and that is sleeping.
There is no doubt that sleep is important for our health but also for our skin. That’s why I make sure I have enough sleep, even if that means I have to go to bed a bit earlier than most people normally do.
I know there are many people with sleeping problems and luckily, I’m not one of them.
That’s why you have tons of products you can buy that should help take care of your skin, even if you don’t. These are the kind of products you put on before sleeping and you should wake up all fresh and shiny. I normally don’t use or buy such products because, like I said, I have enough sleep and I don’t think my skin needs it. That said, it wouldn’t hurt helping my skin more to feel refreshed and healthy. That’s why I tried the Derma Spa Beauty sleep from Dove.

This line consists of a body lotion, a hand cream and a body balm. Since I have enough body butters, I only got the body lotion and hand cream.
Honestly, I have enough body lotions as well, but the difference here is that this one of Dove is especially for when you are asleep, so I thought I give it a go.
Like all products of Dove, these two smell amazing, but they don’t have the typical dove scent, they smell a bit different, but still so good.

1. The Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion.
This is said to give you supple and visible renewed skin in just 1 night and has active cell moisturizers. It should be fast absorbing and the lavender fragrance should help you sink into a restful sleep, is what is written on the back. I have to say, the scent is indeed really calming and relaxing.
It has a really nice texture and is easy to apply. I mean, it’s not sticky at all and indeed fast absorbing, which is nice since I don’t want to wait another 10 minutes to go to sleep.
After using this for a few days, I notice a slight difference. My legs feel softer, even if I havn’t shaved them for a while and they shine a bit, which is good for the upcoming summer.
Definitely a good product!

2. The overnight manicure hand cream
It has been a while since I used any hand creams, propably because the winter wasn’t really hard this year and I just didn’t need it. But you know, sometimes you don’t need things, but it’s still good to use them, like bodylotions and bodyscrubs.
The thing is, since we’re all staying home due to the corona virus and we have to wash our hands a lot, this came in really handy. My hands are so dry and rough from washing them every minute, I can’t imagine not using this product, cause it’s doing magic to my hands.
I don’t use it during the day, because obviously, it’s a night cream, but also, it’s no use using a hand cream right now if I have to wash my hands every 5 seconds.
The instructions of this product or more or less the same as the body lotion. Again, fast absorbing and a relaxing aroma that should you help go to sleep.
Again, the scent is amazing, but I normally sleep well on my own, so I don’t know if it makes me sleep better.
The texture and coldness of the cream are so refreshing to my hands and helps them cool off, which I’m so thankfull for these days.
In the morning, it feels like my hands are fully restored and ready for another day!

I already liked the products of Dove, since I have a few I use in my daily morning routine, but I’m glad to add these two to my night routine!

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