Review│B.A.E by Hema

It has been a while now since Hema has released their own beauty line ‘B.A.E’. I wanted to test these products for so long, but I just didn’t found the time, until now.
Their range has everything you could think of and even their packaging is kinda cute.
Other than that, it doesn’t cost much either. You already now I love to try out new things, so I was really curious to test these products.
I’ve bought a foundation, a lipstick and a lip strobe and eyeshadow in a stick.
The foundation and the two lipsticks costs € 6 each and the eyeshadow on a stick costs € 4.50.
The foundation I’ve chosen is called ‘shake it up’ with skin tint 05 toffee. There were a few colors to choose from, but this one fits me perfect. When I applied it, it really covers the spots and places I wanted to be covered. You can only see I wear foundation because I didn’t apply some on my nekline. Other than that, I think this is a really good foundation. Oh, and the bottle is so cute.
I was really drawn to the eyeshadow in a stick or 8h in a stick as it is called. It says it lasts for 8 hours. The eyeshadow doesn’t really have a name, but I liked this one the best. It’s a pity there wern’t many colors. This one has a light orange/chrome color. When I applied it, it felt so sticky. It stays on pretty long and it’s pigmented to. It has little glitters in it. I have to say that I did notice, after some while and after some blinking with my eyes, I have a nude spot in the middle of my eye and it looked like I didn’t put any make-up on, on that spot. Another thing is that I thought is was some kind of pencil, which you could turn to make it longer, but it doesn’t, so it’s rather small and little. After a few uses, the pencil is almost gone.
The dry matte liquid lipstick is my favorite of the three products. It’s kinda holograpic and also says it lasts for 8 hours. This one definitely stays on really long. Even after I ate and drank, you still saw the pretty color with pink, blue and purple glitters.
The lip strobe is kinda the same, but you just put this on above another lipstick, so I didn’t really used this one right now.
Anyway, the products are really pretty when applied and don’t cost much. They also have palettes, mascara’s and much more which I didn’t test. I definitely gonna buy some more lipsticks and the foundation, and maybe test some other eyeshadows.
I think this is a pretty good beauty line, which I’m fan of!

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