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Finally,  there’s a bit more sun and it’s warmer. It’s still windy sometimes, but hey, it’s a start.  I really like taking long walks in the nature, but when it’s hot, it’s not really comfortable to do this with a pair of jeans. Also, I’m not really fond of shorts, because it just doesn’t fit me. It’s a curvy girl kinda problem. I just need loose clothes, because everything’s so thight. That’s when I found this striped pants. It has been weeks, maybe  months, that I’m searching for a striped pants, but it’s kinda hard. Many people are saying that girls who are curvy or a bit ‘bigger’, shouldn’t wear stripes.
That’s not my opinion. I think anyone can wear whatever the fuck they want. Still I think you just have to find the right size and model, because I do admit, I could still look a bit ugly or messy. That’s why I love this striped pants from New Look for € 29,99. It’s very loose and comfortable. I have big hips and my waist is smaller, so it’s ideal to wear the pans just above my hips. I paired this with my black tshirt from Pimkie for € 9,99, wich has roses on it. I don’t really have much tshirts in my closet, I usually wear more blouses or tops, but I just love this one and I think it kinda fits. With this, I’m wearing my black flats from the Primark for €10 and my new bag, also from Primark, which I don’t really remember but I think it was around €10 – €15, but it could be less.

I really love this outfit and I’m glad I finally found a striped pants that doesn’t make me look bigger. On the other hand, it doesn’t make me look smaller either, but I guess I have to embrace my female curves. The pants could be a bit longer, but I still like it. What do you think?


Aurely ❥

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