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Today I want to tell you about a shop I already knew about, but never visited yet. Last weekend, I went to Ghent with my sister, which is an amazing city. There are lots of hotspot with nice concepts and unique places and things to see. I have a whole list of amazing shops and one of them is Clouds of Fashion. I assume most people in Belgium already know this shop, but for those who don’t, this shop is run by Laurentine van Landeghem, who made her dreams come true. She started with a blog and ended up with a good running company. Laurentine even wrote a book about it, which is called ‘From blog to brand’. Not only does she has a shop with many loyal costumers, she also has a big fanbase on her instagram account and on youtube.
But what I wanna do is talk about her shop and clothes. I was very surprised when I walked in on her shop in Ghent (she has a second one). Although it wasn’t that big, it was very pleasant to walk around. The clothing store was mainly white, but the clothes gave it that colorful touch. There were many accessories to shop as well, like jewellery, shoes and her own book. At the end of the store, where the changing rooms are, you have this cosy nook with an adorble pink armchair and several frames on the wall, which is really instagram worthy. Besides that, the clothes just look really nice and are affordable to. There are some more expensives pieces, but in general the prices are not too bad.  Also, I have to say, the girl that was working that day, was so friendly and so helpfull and she even allowed me to take pictures.
If you would ever visit Ghent, I would really recommand you to visit Clouds of Fashion (Brabantdam 15, 9000 Ghent).



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