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Since the Corona virus is still active and most of us are still at home, I decided to do something useful with my time. Not only am I doing sports 6 times a week, I also began to do some research on sustainable clothing and reusable products. That’s how I ended up buying bamboo/wooden toothbrushes.
Let me tell you why these are good and why you should buy them:
– environment friendly
– biodegradable
– 100% natural
– sustainable

I bought 2 different toothbrushes to give them a test.

1. Bamboo natural – Signal

This toothbrush is completely made of bamboo and 100% natural, even the bristles. The packaging is made of cardboard and is therefore also environment friendly. The bristles are short and really soft and they also have rounded ends for a better cleaning. The toothbrush has a nice and simple design and is small which feels nice to hold. I been using this toothbrush for a few months now and I have to say, these last at least as long or longer than a plastic toothbrush. All you need to do is make sure the toothbrush is always rinsed well and completely dry.

2. Tooth brush wood – Kruidvat natures

This toothbrush is made from FSC-certified beech wood from sustainable forests and wears the vegan logo. This one has also rounded ends and are made from vegetable raw materials. Again, packaging is made of cardboard, which is always a plus. The design of this toothbrush is nearly the same as the other, but the colors are different, since it’s another material, and this one feels a little more rough in the hand. Like the other, you have to rinse well and make sure the toothbrush is fully dry.

I both liked using them, the only difference is the price, which isn’t even that much. The toothbrush from Signal costed  3.49 euros and the one from Kruidvat Natures was  2.49 euros . We all know healthy, sustainable and reusable products costs more than unhealthy things or plastic products, but it’s better for nature and it’s worth it’s price.
On the internet, there are many site’s who sells these kind of toothbrushes, so the variety is big. Since I want to help mother nature in any way I can, even the smallest thing like buy bamboo toothbrushes, I will keep on using these. What do you do to help the earth?

Aurely ❥

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