Review│L’Occitane Verveine

I know it’s already fall, which means winter is almost near. Still, I have these three little products from the brand L’Occitane that I still want to share with you all. The three products I got are a shower gel, a body lotion and a cooling hand cream.
All the products are with organic verbena extract from the Provence, which kinda makes them summer products. They all have this fresh citrus smell and vibe, which brings you right to the sunny fields you can find in France with many herbs, flowers and plants.
I know it’s maybe weird to talk about these products now, while it’s clearly not the season anymore, but I thought, now it’s cold and rainy, we could al use a througback to the summer and these products really do. I mean, you can always use shower gel and body lotion and I think the handcream will do it’s job to.
I never really tested products of the brand L’occitane, but I was familiar with it. The packaging is really small but cute and has a good travel size.

Other than that, I really like the smell. Like I already said, it smells so fresh and reminds me of vacation.
The shower gel is oily but absorbs so good and leaves my skin soft and glowy. The body lotion is so rich and creamy and not only gets my skin hydrated, but gives it a nice shine.  After using the hand cream, my hands feel smooth and soft and it lasts for a couple of hours.

I’m always happy to try out new things and brands to see what they’re worth. Ofcourse, I only tested three products of L’occitane, while they have many, but I will certainly keep an eye on their website and shops for more amazing products.

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