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Heii guys! It has been a while since I posted something, but I just couldn’t find the time anymore. I’m still interested in new things and testing them out, but I just got so busy to write about something. Besides that, I also don’t want to write random stuff just to write something. Anyway, I hope you understand. I have some new posts and I hope you’ll like them.

Have you ever heard of a jade roller? I didn’t but lately, it’s really trending.
It supossed to be from China and it’s an ancient beauty ritual, that has found it’s way to us.
But what is it exactually and what does it do? I bought one and it doesn’t only look pretty, but it should have some benefits for our skin to.
I have lined up some things this jade roller should do or should improve:You apparantly would get a tighter/cleaner face (is this how they say it in English?) when
you add the jade roller to your daily beauty ritual.

If you have bags under your eyes or bad skin, using the jade roller will make your skin feel
fresher and more radiant.
You can use the jade roller in combination with oils, serums and cremes. The jade roller
makes sure the products gets massaged into the skin, which makes it absorb better. You can even use this on a sheet mask.
Your blood circulation is stimulated.

You can use this on different parts of your face, which you can see on the picture below.

Gezichtsmassage roller uitleg

Apparently, some people say, after using the jade roller, that the shape of their face changes slightly and the face is less swollen.

You can use it like this:
On your forehead or under your eyes, you should roll towards your temples. You can even use
this on your eyelids and eyebrows.
Using this on your lips or cheeks, you should roll towards your ears.
This is also used on the neck and throat, where you roll up and down.

I didn’t try it yet but many people seems really enthousiastic and positive about the jade roller, so I’m really curious if it works.

I bought mine in the Action, just to try out. It only cost me € 1.99, which is sooo cheap and I bet many people think that the quality of this product will not be that great, but I bought many things form this store and liked most of them.
On other sites, on the internet, I found prices between € 5 and € 10, but also between € 15 and € 20, so I don’t really think the prices matters that much.

Hopefully I will see some changes soon. I’ll keep you updated!

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