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I think I said this before, but I love to try out new things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hotspot somewhere, some new beauty products, jewellery or clothing, I like it all.
As far as jewellery is concerned, I normally just buy things in the shops in know and usually, it is really cheap jewellery. I noticed this kinda jewellery don’t last really long and after a few weeks, the color is fading or it starts to rust or it just breaks. You could say this isn’t really an issue, because most of this jewellery costs around € 1 to € 5, but if you think about it and you buy this kinda jewellery all the time, multiple times a month (because the previous onces start to discolor or break) you come to the conclusion that this is a lot of money for something that doesn’t last that long. That’s why I started to search jewellery online from shops that are kinda well-know or populair. One of these shops is Comegetfashion, which is know for it’s clothes, but they do sell jewellery and accessories. This jewellery costs a lot more, for example most of the necklaces cost around € 15 to € 25. Since I know this is a well-know brand and I heard a lot of good stuff about this shop, I ordered myself some jewellery. I bought myself a gold necklace, a gold ring and gold earrings, because I like gold a bit better than silver.
I got the jewellery within a few days and I loved them immediately after I opened the packaging.
The necklace is a chocker with little round details and the ring is also with a round circle. I like to match things. The earrings are mini moon earrings.
Since that they, I wore the little earrings every day and they still have the same color (I ordered them about a month ago). I have to say, I do take them out when I’m in the shower, just in case. It’s not because the quality is better, that you don’t have to take care of your jewellery.
It’s also better to not place them in damp places .
Anyway, I can’t wait till it’s summer to wear this jewellery more often. Since I love the jewellery of this shop so much, I definitely will order some more and maybe some clothes to.

Little gold choker necklace   – € 19.99
Gold disc ring                            – € 9.99
Mini moon earrings gold       – € 12.99


                                                             Aurely ❥


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