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I know christmas and new year all already past (unfortunately), but I wanted to show you guys what I wore those days. I want to tell you about a site I found through Instagram, which is really trustworthy.
Normally I’m not the kind of girl who buys a new dress every year or for every new occasion, but when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it.
On instagram, I follow a lot of small brands and some big like Nakd and Loavies. That’s where I found Chickapow. The name may sound a bit weird, but the clothes they sell are really amazing  and beautiful. I never ordered anything from them, but I saw this dress and I fell in love.
It’s always a risk buying clothes online, especially from online stores you don’t know, but I’ve done this a few times and I kinda like watching and waiting to see of it fits and if it turns out to be good or ugly. The prices were really ok, so I went for it.
Apparently this dress was really populair, because it sold out so fast. Luckily for me, they sold it again  and you could pre order it, which I did. Within a few days, I got the dress and it was amazing. The fabric is nice and the quality really good. I was so happy that it fits.
I have to say, the neckline was very big, so I sewed it up a bit.

The dress is black, which is classic but fits with everything. It consists of tulle and lace and is a bit short, so it’s beter you don’t bend over that much. The neckline is also decorated with lace. The fabric is really delicate, so make sure you dont get stuck anywhere and that you try to put it on gently.
The dress has long sleeves, which are also lace. The back consists entirely of lace and is therefore transparent, which made it hard to find a good bra, cause I don’t really like it when you see my bra.

I’m glad I bought this dress and although it’s not really a ‘casual’ dress, which you can’t really wear to work or just to go shopping, there are enough special occasions to wear it.
Maybe next year I wear it again (it’s just to pretty to wear it just one time)
Besides that, Chickapow sells loads of other beautiful clothes, so I would say, check it out.

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