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If there is one thing you should know about me, than it’s that I’m an animallover. I love dogs, I love cats, I love bunnies, I love elephant, tigers, girafs etc. I love the animals in the sky, in the water and in the air. I would never hurt animals. I usually put all the insects I find back outside, even spiders. Although I have to admit, I hate musquito’s, but who doesn’t?

Anyway, recentley a cat cafe opened in the City I was born, which is Kortrijk. It’s name is Kuro Neko and I have tried for three weeks now to get in, but it’s always so full. Apparentely , I’m not the only one who loves cats. Finally, I got in and luckily there wern’t many people.
When you enter the cafe, you have the bar in front, with a glass window behind it, where the actual cafe is. The owner explains the rules, which are things like, don’t pick the cats up, they will come to you, let them sleep if they are sleeping, don’t feed them, don’t pull on their ears or tail and if they have food, don’t take it from them. Sounds all logical to me. You can take pictures, but without flash. Before entering, you get this kind of hand gel to clean your hands.

There arn’t many things on the drinking card, but you have beers, the usal fizzy drinks, tea’s and coffee’s and some wines and it’s not expensive, which is always a good thing. Anyway, I think most people come here because it’s cosy and because of the cats.

There are a few tables in the room and a big seat. The walls are white and there are pictures of the cats on it. Alongside the wall, there’s this trail fort he cats, which they can climb on. If you are lucky (or maybe unlucky) you can see them walking above your head. There are a few toys here and there.  

You can tell most of them are still really young and they’re really playfull as well. Although, those ones who arn’t sleeping. Apparantly the cats are really attracted to the seat in the room. They don’t walk around that much, so I kinda went a bit closer. They let you pet them and they are just so adorable.  I heard there usally are 9 cats, but there were a few less that day.

So what I really want to say is that I think it’s a mazing we have such a concept in our little town and I love it. The owners are very nice and the cats cute. It’s a must visit! I can’t wait to go back.

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