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Everyone has his/her favorite topics, brands or person that he or she follows on instagram, or maybe on youtube. Some like beautybloggers, some like people who just vlog.
A person I like and I follow on instagram, but also on youtube, is Sofie Senden. She is vegan and kinda promotes this through her instagram and youtube. Sofie is committed to animals, which I like very much. She’s on her way to reaching her goals and becoming an influencer for many people. That’s why, for people who don’t know here, I’ve interviewed her.


  • How long are you vegan?
    It has been 3 years.
  • Since when did you become a vegan?
    I became vegan in june 2015.
  • Why is it you became vegan?
    I no longer wanted to contribute to animal suffering.
  • How did you got to know the concept vegan?
    Through youtube and by watching vlogs from vegans and watching documentaries.
  • Do you think that people (friends, family or unknow people) have a hard time accepting this?
    In the beginning, they did, because they thought I would run short on vitamines for example. They didn’t know the concept vegan en they thought it was strange. They though it was just a fase and that I had some kind of eating disorder.
  • Are there other people in your family who are vegan, or became vegan because of you?
    My mom, my sister and her son are mostly vegan, but on social occasions, they still consume dairy or animal e-numbers. They also eat the eggs of our chickens, but I don’t.
  • Do you think that vegan is known enough or  isn’t it promoted enough?
    In the period when I became vegan, there wasn’t much info, but now they made a huge progress. I think it is a topic which people talk about more than before and there are a lot of alternatives. I see a lot of change and it will only increase.
  • Do you think the shops and malls try enough to offer vegan food and products?
    They certainly take more effort than a couple years ago, but they still could do more. Shops like Colruyt (Belgium store) have little vegan products to offer than the albert heijn (Dutch store)
  • You are a vlogger. Why did you start vlogging?
    I always liked being busy with photo and videography. I just didn’t had a topic to talk about, before I became vegan. Now that I am, I discovered my passion, something I could talk about. I wanted to show people my way of life.
  • Do you get negative comments because you are vegan or when you are vlogging? How do you react?
    Compared to when I just became vegan, I get little comments. People now know that this isn’t a fase and I won’t change my opinion so it’s no use to give comments. When I did get negative comments, I just explained why I choose this lifestyle. If they were annoyed by it, I got frustrated and just stopped talking, haha. If they did try to react genlty and tried to understand it and asked more questions, I explained everything and gave advice.
    I never really got negative comments on my vlogging, just a few weird looks when I’m vloggin in public. It will always be like this, so I have to get over it.
  • In the mean time, you have your own webshop, called Zaralime. How did you get started?
    I did a lot of research. I didn’t learn any of it in school, so I searched everything on the internet.
  • Why did you get the idea doing this?
    I got a lot of questions from people, asking how they could support me. I wanted to give thema n option, but with something they could use or something that was nice for them to, something they liked. That’s why I started a webshop. Now people can buy something they like and I can use the money for taking care of animals.
  • Does the name Zaralima mean something?
    It contains two arabic words, Zarah and Zulima. One means peace and the other means encourager. Zaralima kinda stands for ‘encourager of peace’.
  • With your webshop, you mainly promote vegan. Do you design everything yourself? Where do you get your inspiration from?
    Yes, I design everything. My inspiration simply comes from my vision of things I like myself or would wear myself.
  • What did you study? Do you have a job? If not, how did you finance everything?
    I studied Latin and after that, I did KMO Management. I didn’t went long to the university. I passed al my exams, but I thought it was boring. I wanted to create my own pad en that’s why I quit school. By doing multiple jobs, I saved some money.
  • Do you get a lot of support from your family and friends?
    I get so much support!
  • You want to start an animal sanctuary. Which is the reason behind this?
    I want to give animals a caring home, for those who couldn’t get a second chance elsewhere.
  • Did you start your webshop to partly finance the sanctuary or are they separed projects?
    I mainly did it for the animals.
  • Do you have other projects in the futere?
    I would like to make photography my job.
  • My last question for you is if you have other plans in the future?
    To find a sweet, vegan man, which I can raise vegan childeren with in our garden full of animals.
Sofie and some of her animals


Her vegan recipes


Her webshop Zaralima



You can find all this pictures on Sofie’s instagram and her webshop Zaralima.
For people who liked to follow her on youtube, you can find her under the name ‘Basimella.’
– Instagram Sofie Senden
– instagram Zaralima
– webshop Zaralima
– Youtubekanaal Sofie Senden (Basimella)

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